Friday, August 28, 2009


Please answer the following questions with single keywords:

How do you define yourself in two words?

How do you define people that are environmentally conscious?

How do you define active and passive people?

How would you define Leaders and followers?

Family oriented people, modern moms and cool dads?

And the opposite, non-family oriented people, moms that suck, old-school dads?

How do you define tech geeks and low tech nerds?

How do you define cheap people and splurging rich people?

How do you label people that are passionate and calmer?

How do you define people that have a strong point of view?

Can you redefine these words:

Single Dating Tied

Risk-taker Adventurous Safe

Smart Brainy Blissful Ignorant

Healthy Athletic Indulgent

Doer Talker Watcher

Starts the fire Spreads the word Try things out

Beer Wine Mixed Drinks

Winter Rainy Sunny

Sweet Sour Spicy

City Urban Nature

Still at home Roommates My own Crib









1. What makes you get out of your room?
2. Do you still live with the parents?
3. How does your room define your lifestyle?
4. Do you feel burdened by your desktop? Your laptop? Your cell phone?
5. What would make you get rid of a friend?
6. What would make you get rid of a lover?
7. When you text in the street, do you bump into people?
8. Do you ever feel alone?
9. Does your social media make you feel alone?
10. How do your personally tailor your social media?
11. Do you ever feel like becoming a Luddite?
12. How are your dopamine’s doing?
13. Do you feel like you are on a conveyor belt with your family? Your friends/
14. Do you feel like a rat on a wheel with your school?
15. Your job?
16. What kind of feeling do you feel when some distant friend texts you?
17. Is all telematic media ‘affectionate media’?
18. If you could have a camera on you at all times would you?
19. Do you flock aimlessly looking for the hot gyro?
20. Are you considered a nerd?
21. Do you like being a fly on the wall?
22. Do you think like the enemy?
23. If all of life were some sort of ‘game theory’ competition…love, friends, jobs…would you play continuously?
24. What kind of ‘offstage’ do you have?
25. Does the structure of your film/play relate to the offstage action like in a Shakespeare play?
26. What would make you converge with one other person?
27. Six other people?
28. Three thousand people?
29. Can you determine your ‘arrivals’ from your departures?
30. Do you worry about authority when it ‘shows up’?
31. What could you possibly share? The death of Michael Jackson? Is this a burden to you?
32. Do you make your own form of sharing?
33. Do you find it is impossible to ‘connect’ with anyone even with all of the equipment?
34. When you are on a plane going long distance…and you and the persons next to you haven’t spoken a word and are watching twenty movies right in front of their eyes…are you worried that the plane will crash and the last person you see hasn’t spoken one word to you?
35. What do you like better? Dating or cheating?
36. If you see or hear of a better job ‘out there’ do you want to get it?
37. Would you work to get it?
38. Are you afraid of your resume?
39. When you see someone sexy in the public space do you want to get him or her?
40. Would you work for the ‘hook up’?
41. Are you worried about your ‘resume’ and are afraid of rejection?
42. Are you worried that others see your rejection?
43. Would you like to throw your cell phone in the river sometimes…a big cathartic, water-skipping throw?
44. Does your cell phone boost your ego or make you feel more lonely?
45. What do you think of the public feed on face book?
46. Do you make public messages or use the private messages?
47. How does this relate to architectural space?
48. Are you afraid of ‘getting busted’ on face book?
49. Do you think society is getting more transparent or less?
50. Do you think people ‘big themselves up’ or leave smokescreens? Ink like the squid?
51. Would you like your fifteen minuets of fame everyday?
52. Would you like fifteen minutes of quality sex everyday?
53. Are you a traditionalist? Would you like to ‘find the one’ and replicate your bourgeois family structure?
54. Did you ever have a bourgeois family structure?
55. What do you think of dad?
56. What do you think of mom?
57. What do you think of your siblings?
58. Are any of them on face book?
59. Do your friends and lovers become like ‘bros, and sisses’ to you?
60. Do you get bored with this?
61. How do you invest fantasy? The erotic if there is none and travel where you know you will have a staycation?
62. Do you envy those who travel?
63. Do you envy those who can switch relationships and turn the past into a novel?
64. If you had an app that could immediately turn your life into a story…would you mount it?
65. Where would that app be?
66. How do you prefer your artificial intelligence? As an avatar or as an impartial camera mutely recording your pathetic life?
67. How tied in are you to your parents gender and life narrative?
68. How tied into their parents gender and life narrative do you think they are?
69. Do you see a through line to your grandparents?
70. Where you close to them?
71. Where they the ‘good cop’?
72. If you were a performance artist what color would you be?
73. If you were an architect what sort of walls would you design
74. If you were a doctor what kind of anti depressants would you proscribe?
75. If you were a doctor of a terminally ill patient what would you tell them? How often would you see them?
76. If you were ill would you put that on face book?
77. If you could augment your reality…which reality would you augment? Your public or personal life?
78. Do your relationships blow up or fade away?
79. How many relationships would you like in a lifetime? How many sexual partners would you like in a lifetime?
80. What do you think of marriage? Is it an antiquated institution in the age of post feminism?
81. Do you think women and minorities have gained a greater equality in earning?
82. Do you think there are starving children in china and or India?
83. Do you think there are starving children across town?
84. Do you think that this new obsession with lifestyle is just another way for ‘the man’ to sell you things you already have?
85. Do you think society makes a big deal of sex?
86. Of marriage?
87. Of divorce?
88. Of breeding?
89. Of gay lifestyles?
90. Of tradition?
91. Of alterity?
92. If there was universal health care do you think you would live to 120?
93. Do you think your ought to live to 120?
94. Do you think you paid, or are paying for ‘brick and mortar’ of the university or college you went to?
95. Was this just to get you into debt before ‘the game began’?
96. Should you specialize in school or generalize?
97. Will your first job have nothing to do with what you studied?
98. If you could study abroad for four years of college would you do so?
99. How much to do think that college or the university was a life style spa?
100. Do you think that your desire for health, knowledge, skills, sex, a good meal, transportation are another persons attempt to get you in debt?
101. If life is a movable feast what kind of meal are you having?
102. Do you think education and employment is about ‘discovering the concealed’…or is it about making new things?
103. Is America a country of ‘production’ or ‘speculation’…including the speculation on those you sees intimately and, perhaps, marry?
104. Do you want children?
105. What kind of respect would you want from your children?
106. Is authority of all sorts challenged? Should it always be?
107. If you were convinced that mathematically only the top percent of any pyramid scheme saw any profit…would you enter into the game?
108. What would you assume that the other 92 percent were after?
109. Would you tell others that only the top eight percent would see profit or break even on their endeavors?
110. Could there be a society of the 92 percent?
111. What would that be based on?
112. If college was a fancy, pyramid, spa scheme to get you into debt and keep you out of the job market…what did or do you think of grades?
113. Do you want to ‘make the grade’?
114. Are grades like monopoly money played only in that game?
115. Did you broker your grades?
116. If you had a syllabus for your life after college…would you follow it?
117. If your cell phone is a Zen archer’s arrow…what do you think of? The archer? The arrow? The target.
118. If your body is a brain what part of your body do you like the most?
119. If your cell phone is part of your brain mapping…what kind of feeling do you have for this?
120. If you could shoot ‘arrows of affection’ into anybody’s heart with your cell phone that would that be? A cute stranger? A current and far ranging lover? A friend? Family?
121. Would you ‘back into’ the future like the Navaho? Or would you face the future like a modernist 19th century revolutionary? Is the future a lie?
122. Do you think that the bank loan schedule is the best bullet point list on how to conduct a life? College, job, car, spouse, house, kids in college, retirement?
123. Does this schedule really depend on a ‘gift culture’ from parents to kids?
124. Would you love your kids enough to do this? Or are they just ‘fellow travelers’?
125. Could you deal with the notion of living and loving one person for seven years?
126. Eighteen years…to get your kids in college?
127. If you could live in a big commune whom would you choose as a bunkmate?
128. Would you share him or her?
129. Is your cell phone your ‘sword of the Rhonin’?
130. Do you concern yourself that your ‘brain neurons’ correspond to the ‘world brain’?
131. If there were a safe ‘opiate’ that didn’t erode your body or mind…would you take it?
132. Do we live in a Faustian society? Is there a hell to pay always?
133. How much do you consider the ‘unborn’ and what kind of life they will have? Is the world a big ‘Gaia beast’ and your should not soil your cage?
134. Are you a parasite to Gaia or a collaborator?
135. Does your cell phone connect you to Gaia?
136. Should it?
137. Are you Gaia?
138. Would any app help you ‘tweak the aspect of Gaia’ inside?
139. Do you want to breed?
140. How would you con some other person into the opposing role of breeding and raising a child with you?
141. Through sexiness
142. Nagging?
143. Guilt?
144. If you could read a bedtime story to your child from your cell phone far away would that be natural?
145. Where will you work in the world?
146. Would you expect your spouse or your child to ‘get up and move with you’? For the next best job?
147. To keep a job?
148. To even be employed?
149. Will there be an alternative to money?
150. How would we use that?
151. How would we (re)-produce that?
152. What sort of legitimacy would that have?
153. How would that be represented?
154. How important would cell phones, apps, nomadology, and ability to ‘be there’ pressing the flesh be to that new value system…in place of money?
155. Can cell phone make you money? Or do they keep you away from it?
How important are any of these to you:
• Social software
• Emergent democracy
• Collective web logs, social networking systems
• Filtering and reputation systems
• Social self-support groups
• Learning and knowledge communities
• Computer supported collaborative processes
• Gaming communities
• Digital neighborhoods, community networks
• free net initiatives, wireless LAN projects
• digital cities, urban development projects
• citizen involvement initiatives, citizen conferences
• telecenters
• eDemocracy, eGovernment, eGovernance
• Open-Source-, Creative-Commons-Content, P2P

Thursday, August 27, 2009