Saturday, October 31, 2009

People are cruel

So my friend showed this video to me a few days ago about the girl who got a flu shot and 10 days later, had a reaction to the drug and developed, dystonia, a rare neurological disorder from it. her chances were one in a million, that's crazy. that's truly a FML moment. after i watched it, i felt bad for her and then my friend showed me a remix of the video and i was like what the hell, how could someone do that. the first video is the original news clip and the second one is the remix.

H qaud fright fest

yesterday, h quad had its annual fright fest with a haunted house in james college. five other volunteers and i were assigned to scare people inside the haunted house. and i have to admit, it was such a fun job. it was completely dark inside and we were having soo much fun scaring people. we jumped out between the maze, grabbed their legs and made scary noises. some people were scared as soon as they walked in, which made it even more funier and they couldn't stop screaming until the end. we all had a blast last night. i cant wait until next year to do it all again.

sketch up pic



The school offers this number to students so that if in the middle of the night we are stuck somewhere on campus and/or are intoxicated and cant find a way back to their rooms, we can call this number and in the ideal situation, campus police will come pick us up and bring us to our desired location....but thats in the perfect ideal world

Last night 330 i the morning...there was a huge group of us walking from south p was cold and misty and we needed to get back to h quad...there was no way in hell we could have walked back in the shoes that we were wearing! So we called this number and told them that we had six girls with us and that we needed a ride back to our dorm rooms...we left the guys out because the cops here tend to not pick up guys in their cars and think that they are capable of taking themselves back to their rooms without any once we called...they cops said that since there were six of us girls..we were a group so we werent in any present danger since we had numbers on our side...THATS FUCKING RETARDED! excuse my languagee....BUT STONY BROOK ARE YOU KIDDING MEE?? why offer these services if you guys dont do anything...i have never heard of a successful story using this number as a resource to get back we were walking...we saw a whole bunch of cop cars jsust patrolling...what do these guys have uniforms do anywaysssssssssss...this gets me so angryy


I'm ALIVE! I finally got my computer running. Of course, I lost everything so I had to start new. I lost all my pictures, my music, my work for my classes; just about everything. My friend got Windows 7 for me and it looks pretty cool but he said that it's still kind of messed up because my desktop screen still looks like Vista. He's not sure how to fix it, I'm not sure how to fix it but I really don't care right now, as long as I have a working internet and a computer, I'm good to go. After a while the whole vista looking screen might start to piss me off because the icons are huge as hell but I don't need to worry about that right now. Maybe when I go home for the weekend my dad will try to fix it.

Belief by Gavin Degraw

Whenever I am in a bad mood or I think that everything is not going the way I planned and there seems to be no where else to go...I listen to this gives me a constant reminder of hope...Gavin Degraw is my all time favorite artist....his voice is so soulful and promising...people have these songs they always listen to so they can hold on to something and it makes them feel a certain way...either the same way they were feeling or to uplift them from a situation...whatever the case may be..Gavin Degraw's music is always the answer for mee...listen and love

trick or treat!

it is halloween today! that means it is time to dress up like crazy, eat lots of candy, carve pumpkins, and party hard! and I did just that. I went home this weekend because I had an interview near home on Friday morning. So the rest of Friday I finished my costume and got ready for halloween. My suitemates and I were dressing up as the cast from Wizard of Oz. My sister is dorothy, deanne is the lion, elise is the tinman sarah the wicked witch, and i was glinda the good witch. Kelly was suppose to be the scarecrow but she had to work all night and didnt join us at the party... :(
Halloween morning we woke up late had lunch and I took my little sister trick or treating. She would get collect candy for herself and I helped collect donations for UNICEF. (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund.) for her school.
People were very generous and donated money as well as giving candy.
After getting candy we went back home to hand out candy and carve our pumpkins. We made our jack-o-lanter into patrick from spongebob and my other sister did spongebob. They came out great and we lit them up after dinner.
Later that night my sister and our boyfriends took us back to stony where we were having our halloween party in the apartments. My suitemates had already decorated the place and it looked very fall/halloween festive.
My costume turned more into princess peach from nintendo supermario. but it didn't matter. everyones costume was great. It was a good turnout and the party was a success!
The tinman's costume was made with aluminum foil! so funny... at home I saw a hotdog, lots of disney princesses. There were a lot more homemade costumes on the street. still looked great though.


Last night I spent a night in with Alex and we were watching scary movies because I felt the need to watch them before halloween, and so first we watched Friday the 13th and it was pretty good, but then he rented this really weird looking movie called Babylon, but it had Vin Diesel in it and I LOVEE him so I needed to watch this movie, and we did and it was actually a really good intense movie, alot of action and other stuff. I recommend it.

Happy Halloween 76

It's a Saturday Halloween, all the kiddies are trick or treating already and I haven't even made my way out of bed yet. I don't mind I love halloween, this year I am being Daisy Duke, I've decided that the Dukes of Hazzard is my new favorite movie and that has prompted me to be Daisy Duke for Halloween.

when you have no idea where you are

en route to baltimore on boltbus (free wifi on a bus trip is my saviour!), going to spend the weekend with my friends as we embark on a mini roadtrip to atlantic city together. i love getting out of new york for a day or two at a time, even though i have a test on monday & applications for internships & grad school to worry about. pretty sure i'm just going to enjoy this time i'm getting with friends i don't get to see often.

also, the colours on the trees we're passing are delectable, i love this time of year. i never can understand why summer is so popular, but then again i don't understand much about the popular opinion of the majority.

& i've already seen a balloon boy costume. at 8 in the bloody morning. oh goodness me. if i had any motivation i'd costume up this year, but no. maybe next year. where is my halloween spirit?

Friday, October 30, 2009

costume contest

Today I dressed up like a trashy Rock of Love contestant for a costume contest. A lot of people thought I was Hannah Montana which I think says something about Hannah Montana. I was really disappointed because I thought I looked awesome but the winners were all people in store bought outfits which I find kind of lame.

sketch up pic

What are you going to be on Halloween?

Well.......... People keep on asking each other this question...No wonder, Halloween is almost here! So many answers, millions of great outfit ideas are being expressed and so on and so forth... I do not have much to say. We are having a swim meet at University of Massachusets tomorrow. Therefore we probably aren't gonna be back untill 11pm at night and it means... It means I'm going to be a SWIMMER for Halloween! Yay. A solution found. So, I'm going to do my best up there and then we'll see... Perhaps something will come up once we get back on campus;)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

places i miss

sava centar, belgrade, serbia

not scary.....

So I realized I’ve lived in this world for almost twenty years and I have never been to a scary Haunted House…Pretty pathetic, right..Today I went to the one they had in my Dorm and to be honest wasn't impressed to much. However, I can definitely give all the guys a big credit for putting it all together. I want to go to a real one, though!!
An actual SCARY one!!!!

simplistic and beautiful

its over... for now

just took my last midterm and i can finally relax. these two past weeks have been crazy and sleepless with 3 major science midterms. after i came out that the test tonight, i was so relieved to be done already. i can sleep for the next couple of weeks until this cycle starts all over again.

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I heard it through the grapevine, actually some chick sharing the cab with me was talking to her mother loudly and I couldn't help but overhear her conversation. Oh yea, back to what I heard....well its rumoured that the new President of SBU plans to raise tuition to make the school more prestigious. I'm not sure about this because isn't the school under the SUNY system and don't they control the tuition? I will be done next year so the tuiton hike which is supposed to happen in a couple of years according to strange girl in taxi talking to mother may not affect me, but I still care. Has anyone else heard of this?

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I think officially my laptop is broken ... for now. It won't start up, at all. I didn't even do any windows updates last night and it won't turn on. It told me to do the windows updates but I decided not to because I knew the consequences but I guess not doing them gives me the same results, but worse. I've been trying to get it to start up all day but it stays on the black screen of death for 30 minutes, then does a crash dump, then turns off. The cycle repeats. I've done it for like 10 times already and I got the crash dump, every time. It's really frustrating!


like a silent shout
no matter how loud you think your thoughts are
I can't hear a thing

Carving a Pumpkin 75

Today is the day we carve pumpkins here at my house, my grandpa came down this year from NH for this monumental event (not really). This is the day I have been waiting for for an entire year.. its the day where I carve my beloved pumpkin and also figure out the kinks in my halloween costume, this year I am being a cowgirl, it should be fun.

Tis the Season

Tis the Season is around the corner and I am really excited to get started! Tis the Season comes around annually in Stony Brook, usually around the holiday months. Tis the season is the time where students can get creative and fundraise for the charity of their choice. Also, students can be creative and compete with other colleges to raise the most money as well as setting goals for ourselves to reach. My goal for Benedict College this year is $2000. I want to go above and beyond what we did last year. I am really excited! I love seeing people get together and working together for a good cause. It brings people together and thats what the holidays are all about. I dont know but theres something about the holidayss that gets me goinggg...



Last night I had a detailed conversation with my cousin Louis, we were talking about how after we both graduate college we are going to travel the world and see all that it has to offer.. my high school global studies teacher first sparked this flame and intrigued me to what is in this world we live in. Now my thing to see is landscapes and animals, and my cousin is more interested in architecture, we have compromised and we are going to see both, we're first going to start with Europe and then continue across the world and end up back home. It has always been my dream to travel around the whole world. I hope it comes true.

I found out how to post youtube videos

hahah i could watch this a million times and still laugh

Our Midterm Movie (Snippet) by Krystle

Just playing around with video techniques, trying to improve my skills!

Yankees need a win tonight

Tonight the Yankees play the Phillies in GAME 2 of the World Series. After a loss to Cliff Lee, Phillies pitcher last night, this is becoming must win for the Yankees. Going down 2 games to none would put the Yankees in a tough situation, I would much rather it be tied at a game each. There wasn't much the Yankees could do about the pitching last night; Cliff Lee probably had one of his best games of his life. He was simply untouchable, going a complete game with 10 strikeouts. Whatever, tip your cap to him, but it all comes down to tonight, the Yankees need to beat up Pedro Martinez. Remember the "who's your daddy," ahah I still have that tshirt somewhere. We need to take advantage of playing at home and win tonight, before it's too late. Swisher, I don't know what were gonna do with you...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

when songs define our lives

it's hard not to listen to them over and over again.

and does it help heal whatever we're going through when this happens? To know that it has happened to someone else? I guess. I still feel terrible in some respect, but it does make me feel like I can get through this, instead of wallowing in boxes of Entenmann's and creating imaginary voodoo dolls in my head.

life goes on, & music will be there to console us and then kick us back into action.


I dont know what it is but there is something about halloween that gets everyone jittery and excited! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, after Chinese New Year (where I get tons of money in little red envelopes). Maybe its the spooky decorations or the pumpkin picking or decorations or maybe its the costumes that gets everyone hyped up and ready to go out and have a good time..whatever it may be Halloween is a day where everyone can get together, dress up, be something that we are not and just think outside the box for a excited to see the costumes that everyone comes up with...I am gonna be three things this yearr..this should be interestinggg....


I don't know why I've been so extremely sleepy these past couple of days...The worst thing is that I am getting addicted to coffee which is not good either...

What do I post

I have to post something, but I don't know what.

sketch up pic

who can you look up to

Someone said to me once that it's a very frightening moment for a child when they realize that their parents are regular people just like everyone else with flaws & problems. While I know what she was talking about, I don't think I ever really felt that with my parents. Generally I was a happy child but sometimes I felt melancholy & lonely in a way I knew my parents couldn't fix, I didn't even ask. I don't think I ever expected my parents to change the world for me. While I didn't experience what she was talking about with parents I did experience it with teachers. Up until college I'd always thought of teachers as authority figures & people that were there to teach you specific things that you were widely expected to learn from some greater educational government structure. When I came to Stony Brook my view of teachers came crashing down. I noticed that a lot of the professors didn't seem to be particularly interested in teaching anyone anything. I thought a lot of them were just people who were interested in something & just happened to teach so that they didn't have to let it go. Teachers became flawed individuals for me spewing their personal beliefs about something. That's scary to me because if you don't realize that they are normal people & take their thoughts the same way you'd take anyone else's then their thoughts might replace your own because you think they're right just because they're a teacher & they're not.


WE GOT HOT WATER BACK, a little too late but it's still back nonetheless.

And I just realized that the week is already over. Tomorrow is Thursday and Halloween is coming in about 3 days. This is going to be an exciting Halloween. So much stuff going on, pretty excited. Trick or treating is a must. It's like a tradition for me. I've been trick or treating ever since high school. And there is also this scavenger hunt as well. I have never done a scavenger hunt before so this would be my first experience.

We're almost at 2,000 blogs and there's about 2 months of school left. This has been a good semester, not going to lie.

main building

Looking to buy a CAR!

So like I mentioned in my other post I am looking to buy a car. I have been looking into 4 door automatic sedans. I like the colors white or black. I need power windows and doors. I really do not know much about cars. I was looking into the new 2010 Toyota Corolla S, LE. 2010 VW Jetta, and the one I really really want is the 2010 Volvo S40... but that might be a little too much. any suggestions??
I right now have a 2005 red mazda 3. I'm going to miss my little red car. but I do not like the look of the new mazda3.thanks!

Interviews after interviews!

So just when I thought that the job markets were slowing down, and I wasn't going to find a job after graduation.... bamm! I get calls for 4 interviews all in the same week! I am really only looking forward to two of them. I love marketing which is what those jobs are about, while the other two jobs are management positions. I am really excited and I hope I get one of these. The only problem I keep running into is the fact that I have a limited access to a car. I share a car with my mom, and I live on campus. This week I was able to take the car and drive to my interviews but I can't keep the car here all semester.
This stirred up the idea in my dad's head that I need my own car. On Saturday my dad texted me and told me to start looking at cars.! woohoo!
Anyway, back to interviews. I had one last friday and it went great. I got there early. Once it was 9AM they made me wait 15 min in the waiting room. I got to read some binders on the company which was good, but then the interview went so fast, I was done in 15-20 min.
Next interview is tomorrow at 9:30am on campus. Target is conducting recruitment interviews all day. They consist of two - 45 min team interviews. that is 90 min long! I cannot image all the info that needs to be discussed in an hour and half.
After that I have to go home and prepare for an interview on Friday near home with Newsday. Then I have anothe interview with a small LI marketing consulting firm. anyways wish me luck!

tweeting on twitter

I have to disagree with the previous post. I use twitter and I love it. I have a blackberry and have a twitter opened all the time. I like to update my status and get my friends to tweet back or get new followers that relate to my posts. For example I said something about finding a job and next thing I know I get a request from a new follower, NYJOBS asking to follow me. I now get tons of helpful info on nearby job fairs and opportunities. I also like that you can follow celebrities. I can also follow Enews, which is great for getting up to date gossip in hollywood, etc. Following celebrities is great because sometimes they offer giveaways to their fans especially tv talk shows. Like the Ellen show gives away great prizes if you tweet back at a certain time. Also britney was in nyc over the summer and if you got her clues through her tweets you can find her and get tickets to her concert. I just love this new networking site. I get the real gossip from the primary source and do not have to pick up atabloid such as the Enquire, Stars, Us weekly mag that is filled with false info. my username is stephchiu, follow me!


stage and robot spy by Hanieh.B

Pet Peeves

Really, I think that any self-respecting individual has invested in black socks before. There is absolutely no reason for me to see white socks peeking at me from between your slacks and shoes. And no, I really don't care if you say they're "white dress socks". They should black for a reason.

- Kenneth

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Unfortunately I will be leaving class early from here on in

Bio lab-the next day

SO...I have been dying to let everyone know how our lab ended. It was very exciting (and by "very exciting" I mean I was able to to stay awake). Myself and partner in crime kim ran a gel with 14 wells! 14!..that's a lot! However, our results were far from the perfection we expected. It turns out our sample did not have the desired insert. All that work and nothing. However, we did not come away empty handed, our gel looked fantastic (as usual) and the boys we were competing with to see who had the better gel (uber nerdy)...their gel was even worse. In some lanes they didn't even have any bands. Who knows what they did wrong. And on top of everything else kimmie and I got to leave on time which after all is the most important thing.

Completely Stupid

The other day I was getting gear on for quading and I was sitting in my car, finished getting ready and then went to close the car door but some how managed to close my hip in the door.. now closing fingers or limbs in doors is seemingly feasible, but my hip?? I really don't understand how I do the things I do.


What a dreary day. It's all gray looking outside. On top of that, Kelly still doesn't have hot water. How do they expect people to take showers? THE HOT WATER HAS BEEN OFF FOR 24+ hours and it's still off. It went off at 3PM on Monday and it's already Tuesday. How long does it take to fix some pipes? Like if they really worked hard, they would be able to fix it within 12 hours. I don't think students should need to find somewhere else to take a shower for the day. The hot water should have been back on by today AND it's not! They're slacking. They had over 24 hours to fix it, what is taking them so long?

Time for me to cry...

well so over the weekend, my phone officially broke. i cracked my screen a couple of weeks before but i thought i could wait it out until i went back home this weekend but unfortunately, my phone and I were not on the same page. so now, my screen is completely white and i dont know who's texting me or calling me. and my friends thinks im ingoring them becasue i dont answer their text. it's not my fault, i can't see it. it's been really hard for me because it feels like i dont have a phoen becasue i can't dial out. i can only answer incoming calls. i have four more days without a phone and it really sucks.

Michael Lau

Michael Lau, is an artist from Hong Kong who is known for his illustration and vinyl figures. Lau is widely credited as the founder of the urban vinyl style within the designer toy movement. His work has had a significant effect on toy manufacturers, as well as street culture, including artists and musicians, throughout the world. His style is particularly influential to Asian and American hip-hop and skateboarding culture. Lau has won several awards for his work, including four from the Hong Kong-based Philippe Charriol Foundation.


Interview with a collector..

Here is an interview I put together with Grace who is apart of our Kidrobot family! Here she talks about her collection and how the obsession all got started! Enjoi!



Jack's Toy Collection

Here is video clip of my friend Jack's collection of vinyl figures! Pretty amazing stuff full of rare and limited figures that would sell for double the retail price!


more work

Soooooooo after feeling like I have just about finished with exams, midterms, whatever you want to call it, there's another round of tests. I don't get it. All I have been doing this whole semester is work, work, and more work. I never have time to actually doing anything fun any more. Whenever I sit down and relax, I feel like Im missing something, like I should be doing more school work. I have so many deadlines and due dates, this is ridiculous. So annoying! Im just constantly on the go and never have time to do anything anymore.


This year I'm ready for Halloween. I got my costume already, got my plans made up, and I guarantee it will be better than last year's last minute Halloween festivities. Last year i thought it'd be a good idea to dress up as a know the 4 guys on the box of Dutchmasters.

It was supposed to be me and my 3 stoner friends all dressed up like the "pilgrim" looking dudes on the box....but because we didn't plan ahead 2 of them dropped out. So it was just me and my boy Bryan and on the day OF halloween we managed to conjure up some RANDOM ass pieces of clothing for our costume. It consisted of a black shall, a black cape, 2 hats (1 pilgrim hat and 1 Zorro hat!) and thats it. We looked so ghetto that no1 knew of our original intentions to be a Dutchmaster....every1 thought we just looked like pilgrims....BUT this year Ima definitely do it up better. Me and my friend Marcel are gonna go as everyone's favorite stoner...Cheech and Chong!! It's gonna be so awesome. Im gonna shop at a thrift store for our gear, Marcel already has the Cheech mustache growin in, and I have to hit up a beard and wig store for my Chong ensemble. And we're goin to a VICE magazine party in Willyburg thats gonna be sick! A free open bar all nite, Bad Brains and Peanut Butter Wolf are performing as well as other bands, a skate mini ramp INISDE the loft which spans 2 floors! It's gonna be a fun nite indeed! =D



This band is fucking awesome. Phoenix is a French alternative rock band that started during their childhood by Thomas Mars, Deck D'Arcy, Christian Mazzalai and Laurent Brancowitz in the suburb of Versailles. The guitarist Laurent Brancowitz used to be part of a short lived Beach Boys-inspired guitar group called Darlin'. The band consisted of his friends Thomas Bangalter, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and himself. After releasing their songs on Duophonic, a review in the British music magazine Melody Maker called the music "a bunch of daft punk." Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo decided to create Daft Punk in 1993 as Brancowitz joined forces with Phoenix.

I only heard about them last week, and I'm not proud to say it. They released their latest album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix in May of 2009 and toured a whole bunch throughout the summer. They even played in Brooklyn too at the Music Hall of Williamsburg and I missed it! oh well I guess I'll just have to wait til they come to the US again....hopefully sometime soon! Definitely check them out cuz their def worth listening to.



Perhaps i have an old fashion way of thinking, but honestly if you twitter, you loose a minimum of 50 points of personality points with me. I can appreciate the idea of constant news updates, but honestly is that what we really use it for?

Honestly i could care less if your boyfriend is an A-Hole, that Breaking Benjamin kicks so much ass(They are for the record, a "meh" band at best...points for Halo 2 soundtrack with Steve Via), or how kanye west is a jerk, your parents are ruining your life, or if lady Gaga prefers mayonaise over mustard. Point is we are using what could be potentially useful technology for trivial status updates. I never find myself say "Oh em gee i wonder what Jason Moraz is thinking right now, el oh el." i would sooner tatoo my cheeks with a sodering iron than subject myself to that mentality. i put twitter on one of the lowest tiers of technology and communication, and believes anyone who believes that they are making a difference in the world with their twitter or that someone even cares should stand upside down with their head in a bucket of pirhana fish.

Don't agree? do i sound like a pretentious a-hole myself? who cares not like anyone looks up blogs about twittering anyway, you stange person who took the time to read this far in to my rant.

status update: i'd kill for a piece of buttered toast right now...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Question of The Day

Would you be intimidated if your significant other spent twice as much time in the gym as you do? Why or why not?

- Kenneth
My documentary videos are getting noticed. They have word responses.


So I just watched Silent Hill... Most of my friends saw the movie when it just came out a couple of years ago and they told me a lot about it, and, yes, I knew how it was going to end before the beginning.
So basically while watching it today I paid attention to various issues, apart from the horror staff and all the dead burnt creatures walking around... However the film seemed pretty confusing up until the end when the truth is revealed and everything becomes clear. The theme of feminism is being delivered throughout the entire movie, one may notice that all of the key characters are females and the driving force of the evolvement of the plot is mother's love to her daughter. And they unite at the end and are left together in the "parallel world" so to say, or, in other words, both are dead but somehow exist on the side of shadows.


you always gotta remember to smile at the end of the day (:

where did they go?

What's happened to the links on our blogpage?
They've been missing for a while... I got so used clicking on them it somewhat feels awkward now. Any chances of getting them back?


I think everyone has missed opportunities, things that haunt them in a way & they wonder whether or not they made the right decision. I know a lot of people say that they have no regrets but I don't think that's as easily felt as it is said. Sometimes though something will happen & give you closure. To be less vague, there was this guy that I was really into a couple years ago & it just didn't work out & I was always wondering what if. Recently I ran into him & there was finally this moment for me that was like it's a good thing that didn't happen. I feel so at peace because that was finally put to rest in my mind & I don't have to think about it anymore. I feel almost freed in a way & I hope that things like that happen to other people too because it feels like godsend.


I know I'm not that old but as I get older I am noticing that time goes by more & more quickly. Instead of something being a week ago or a month ago your reference points start to be years & that's pretty crazy. I don't think that when you're a teenager you usually talk about something that happened & be like oh yeah that was x amount of years ago. It's crazy that the year as a unit of time doesn't seem so long anymore when it definitely used to.

Cat Story

Here is a story from Kimmie, while we wait for this dreadful gel to run:

FYI word for word

So the other day, meaning two days ago, the cat went missing. Her boyfriend Joe has been obsessed with the cat ever since he moved in with her and loves the cat more than Kimmie. He wants two little kittens of his but we have to wait for Princess (the cat in the story) to die because she will fight with the new kittens. Sorry for the tangent, but the other day the cat was at first in the room like usual and then she went away and was in stealth mode. None of us could find her. We thought she left the room and went elsewhere, but when search for her (Joe is obsessed with the cat) we couldn't find her at all. After 10 minutes of looking, we stopped. Then we went back into the room and THERE she was, on the bed in the orginally spot she sleeps in for 15 hours in the day. The End


I was surprised to hear on the radio something that further devalues the family values of America. On a radio broadcasting I heard them giving a list of ways for men to cheat on their wives without being caught. They followed by giving various steps to take. I am shocked


we are doing a bunch of ads for my marketing class! wow, that's gonna be fun!

Bio lab-not good

This lab is really starting to get to me and my partner in crime Kim. We were just bickering for a precious 5 minutes that could have been used to preform scientific experiments. When the lab is really long or confusing we do bicker, however, in the end we always come to an understanding. We have a Wednesday afternoon lab together which we often bicker in too. However, there is a third member to our group who is simply put not the brightest flower in the garden so Kim and I are usually team up against her (so not fair). But anyway no need to worry the dynamic duo will be back for many more experiments.

Monday bio lab-the long one

So today in bio lab we have an incredibly long lab on the table. The good news is there should be lots to blog about so I plan on updating in real time. Since the lab is going to be long myself and partner in crime Kim planned to work very fast and leave the gate running. However, we had to depend on another group to balance our sample. This made us fall behind already since the group we balanced our sample with is sooo slooow. Anyway it gave me a bit of time to start with the ever exciting monday morning bio lab blog series


nature spy by Hanieh. B

It's All About Design

This world is full of design


This weekend was very refreshing and very needed because I had so much to do last week that all I could was rest. However I did give up my services to spend more time with my little cousins, teach one how to skate, the others how to eat wit a fork and other coordination activities. I got to spend some time with friends, one that I haven't seen since my birthday so that was really nice for me. This week I'll have to buckle down like usual, but I still won't be as harassed as I was. A little homework here and there, one quiz, and I'm in the clear til Halloween :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

funny picture i found

Love Trivia SketchUP

game show...

And we're off to the World Series!!!

Yankees beat the Angels and won the series!!! They're going to the world series for the first time since 2003. It's going to be awesome, Yankees vs defending champs Phillies! These are two very good teams. first game is on wednesday oct. 28. I can't wait. too bad i have 2 midterms this week.
Does anybody here like older music? I personally love Doo Wop and swing with some Contemporary Gospel

Plastic Surgery

I was on Yahoo! and found this highlight on the website and I think its appalling that so many celebrities are partaking in plastic surgery and augmenting their faces and bodies in order to achieve the supposed ideal image of beauty. These celebrities are suppose to be role models to the public and set trends. Promoting plastic surgery sends negative messages to the public. I think society is shifting and changing its ways to achieve this idea of perfection and is willing to spend money and create jobs to support these practices.
I really like being around people in their twenties. I may be 48, but I think most of them are great people.

True Blood

The best thing in the world happened to me this weekend! I started getting hooked on True Blood...the best series everrr known to mankind!! I started watching the first season of True Blood and continued watching 7 episodes of the series...the premise of the show is about vampires that live amongst humans and have a separate but equal rights. They feed on synthetic blood and try to live a mainstream life even though they are discriminated by the humans around them. It has drama, humor, sex, love and everything elsee! It is sooo good! I am officially hooked on this first I was skeptical in watching the show because I thought it would be a cheesy spinoff of the popular series, Twilight so I refused to lower my standards and watch the series True Blood. While watching the series, the vampire discrimination and fight for rights is reminiscent of the times of the civil rights movement. Society always tries to find either a race, or some sort of common enemy of society to suppress. It seems like society always has a way of finding someone either it is based on race or mortality or gender to discriminate against in order to claim supremacy.


bad tv

I am fully aware that watching reality TV is pretty detrimental to my intelligence especially if it is a bad VH1 dating show. For some reason though I find myself upset if I'm watching a finale episode & I feel like the person chose the wrong contestant. It really doesn't have any effect on my life & I don't allow myself to get invested in these shows but I don't know why I care at all even if it is on a small scale. It's very odd. They should probably stop making all these stupid shows, they're garbage in several different ways.

Majors, majors, majors......

Ever since the end of last semester, i've been trying to find the right major. I entered stony brook with a bio major but i hate bio and chem classes so i dont want to stay in this major anymore. i know a lot of people who were bio maors and switched to other majors. i'm in the process of looking at different majors such as anthropology but i can't decide on one specifically. i've taken anthro classe and i like them but i cant picture myself doing any anthropology related things after graduation which makes me hestitant in picking this major, i dont want to me a anrtho professor nor do i want to do research in this field. everytime i go see an advisor, i get the same answer, that major doesn't necessarily corelate to career. then there's the whole B.S. or B.A. if i want to enter a science or healthcare field, it's perfer to get a B.S. so now i have to look for a major that's interesting, that i can get a B.S. and that I can get a job after graduation. i've realized that i can't pick a major solely becaude it's interesting. it has to be practical which makes this process so stressful because i dont want to end up choosing a major that i hate and regret senior year. and it also doesnt help that im running out of time to pick a major cause i need one by the end of this semester.

right now

well i just came back from our game 30 mins ago and now im on duty. we lost terribly; it was a shut out. totally didnt plan on that happening. hoping for at least to put some points on the scoreboard. it was sad when the game was over cause now the season overs and i dont know what im going to do until march when the season begins again. and also for some seniors, today was their last game so that was also sad. i know my friend who graduated last misses playing like crazy. she started her freshmen year and after she graduated, she felt really empty on sundays since that's when we play our games. i was hoping we would continue, we never made it this far before, so this season was pretty good. guess there's always next year.

Ok retry on the link

Im not sure if that last link worked but here:


Mudd fight

Today Alex and I decided to go quading and we found a huge mud puddle from last nights monsoon, and he messed around for a bit in it and then I took my turn and it was really fun and really intense the tires were spinning out of control and then the quad would spin and go insane it was so much fun, then I got off the quad and turned it off and tackled Alex into the mudd puddle and then we wrestled for a bit, and it got soo cold because of the water, and the cold temperature outside, it was not good, then we rode back home and I drove and didn't crash the quad! I was so proud of myself for that grand achievement.

from underneath the trees...

Another day

So today was another day wasted in which I accomplished nothing at all. I did do some laundry and a little but of reading but over all it was really another wasted day. Today was nice out but I didn't feel bad about not doing anything today for no other reason than it's sunday. Sundays have always been an excuse to do nothing, for the most part for six out of seven days out the week you are doing something. Sunday is the day to rest, recharge before the cycle of your life beginnings again. If any one ask why I don't come out I just say "because it's sunday" and there is really nothing they can say to that.


My brother just told me one of my turtles escaped from it's tank and he can't find it anywhere in the house and I know which one escaped, my favorite one D;
I don't understand how a turtle can just disappear like that. Apparently he said he looked everywhere and it's no where to be found ... I still think he's lying to me but if he's not, I'll be really upset. Tutles don't just up and disappear from the world. It has to be in the house somewhere. If he doesn't find it soon, it'll prob die from starvation or lack of water :[


Is it peer, or self defined? I wonder if financial success is equated with success everywhere in the world. Like a financial successful person is a good human being, perhaps it's just the way our society values the dollar and capitalism. Winston Churchill said that Democracy is the worst form of government besides the other ones. It's really true to. Every system has it's advantages and it's weaknesses. It's funny how different people can think because of their environmental and societal values, I think everyone should experience something completely different at least once. I know it's really opened my eyes and I can never blindly follow anything, not that I ever really did. I have a huge paper and I'm going to kick it's butt right now while I'm killing all the sogns I downloaded.

Last Name: Ever
First Name: Greatest

Sam E.

Sunday off

This was my first Sunday off in months. On my day off more than anything else, I was looking forward to going to my yoga class. So early this morning I woke up to attend yoga and it was fantastic. Anyone whose done yoga knows that the same class will always be good but some days it is simply fantastic. Well today was one of those fantastic days. It was challenging but do-able and I left with a sense of absolute peace which has stayed with me for the whole day. My roommates have been driving me crazy lately and I usually get really tense whenever I had back to my room on campus...but not today. I still feel perfectly content sitting here blogging away surrounded by my roommates. I can only hope this feeling follows me through the week.

I want this forever

Forever, is just a concept. I don't think it actually exists--all things that begin end, unless you plan on discussing the concept on a metaphysical level, which I plan out of staying out of it. But if anyone knows, feel free to enlighten me. I don't think anyone would really want something forever either, our sensations and opinions would eventually become used to it and eventually familiar. And everyone know familiarity eventually leads to boredom. I had fun this weekend, I got some work done and I'm about to get more done but I drank everyday this weekend when I haven't partied in almost a whole month. I forgot that I enjoyed it, that it's good to enjoy superficial success sometimes, like eating a ton of candy or Krispy Kreme every once in a while.

"All things in moderation, including moderation."

Sam E.


So, yesterday me and my roommate were sitting in our room trying to do our homework (even though it was a little distructive)... I was doing some SketchUp stuff but I hated how it turned out so I don't think it's worth posting until I come up with something tolerably presentable..
While surveying the internet I got some links to trivias one of which asked the following question: "What is world's tallest mountain?" I laughed at the stupidity of the question, because since my third grade I've known that the highest mountain peak on Earth is mount Everest, also known as Chomolungma (with the hight of 8848meters above the sea level). And imagine my reaction when the screen gives me: "Your answer is incorrect!" I almost fell of my chair and asked my roommate of what she thought about this issue. She said they are insane and she was also taught that Everest is the highest mountain on our planet... So according to the trivia the tallest mountain is Mauna Kea in Hawaii with the height of 10,203 meters. I was in shock until I read the next sentence. 10,203 meters from its base on the floor of the Pacific Ocean! so it's just 4,207 meters above the sea level- so, well, it doesn't really satisfy the criteria of how the mountains are usually measured:) and Everest is the tallest anyway!


spy box by Hanieh.B


spy on the tower by Hanieh. B

What's the best FREE software to download to convert mov to avi??

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I finally learned how to play texas holdem tonight. I knew how to play a little bit but now I understand it fully. I had some beginner's luck but then it all ended once I got the hang of it. It's all about the luck and skill to bluff people. We didn't play for money, just for fun with the chips. We played it for about 3-4 hours. That's how epic it was!

Now it's time to pass out and go to bed. HOMEWORK DAY TOMORROW !

How long is it suppose to be..

Every time I write a blog I never know exactly how long it is suppose to be. How long is long, how short is long, how long is short or hor short is long. i know it makes no sence but it's a honest question. Should I write a whole paragraph all the time or could I just place a few sentences on the blog. Somethimes all I place on the blog is how I feel and sometimes it really only take a sentence to reveal my inner most feelings. Sometimes a word is good enough for me. I could honestly come to this blog and write, "....better now" and it completely express how I feel.


In the room....another boring night in stony brook with nothing better to do but....sit in front of the computer on a saturday night. Thank goodness entourage came on. Seem like it's a marathon starting from the first episode. They all look so young in these episodes as oppose to the new episodes. Refreshing to watch though, if i'm going to waste the night might as well waste it while watching this.

Greek Profile

The image on the left used to be a picture of me:) Now it's more like a logo:) I do actually love how it turned out!

people say the side view of my face looks Greek. Here is Aphrodete's profile next to mine)


This weekend kinda just flew by. I haven't been in my room for 24+ hours and I kind of just got back. Next ill probably crash for a few hours and then get dinner and be lazy for the rest of the night. Tomorrow is Sunday already. The time just flies by. I haven't opened any books or done any homework. It was a fun weekend though, not going to lie.

more H1N1 vaccinations on monday...

the school's giving out vaccinations again on monday for the swine flu. last wednesday, they gave out the first round of vaccinations and there was so many people. the line was crazy long. it stretched from the back of the sac to where the ticket office. people wanted their free swine flu shot. now they're having it at the sac aud to accomdate more people which is what they should of done in the beginning. there was definitely not enough space in the traditions lounge last time. i know a few of my friends who were skepitcal about the vaccination and aren't going to get the it.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Constantly searching...This can probably be said about each and every one of us...There always is something we are lacking or a particular need or a question that has to be answered. People are struggling with multiple issues within themselves and yet there also is environment and the outside world that has to be taken into account as well. Many simply get lost and never really find the way out...It is truly difficult to follow a certain path but once you find your way you do your best to follow in spite of all the obstacles and difficulties.

new york is no fun without this guy

pretty sure this guy is my hero.

Door open or door closed? Trust easy or trust deeply?

Some random thinking from last night:
So a young child is scared of strangers and burglars and being home alone.. we've all been there.. they always sleep with their bedroom door closed, sometimes locked.. and they grow up and continue this, out of habit? or are they still scared? What if its neither? what if its a psychological reflection of themselves? meaning, do they close their door because they don't trust what may come through it? showing maybe their lack of trust for people or things around them in their everyday lives? Or maybe they are capable of trust, but choose wisely about who they let into the unlocked side of the door... and truly trust what's inside, but keep what's not tightly locked outside.. and which is better? to trust deeply or trust easily? is a medium better? or a combination of the both perhaps? hmm..


I went to this bar the other night and I was amazed by how cheap everything was. It was Wednesday night and the place was packed because the drinks were half-priced. My friends and I bought two bacon cheeseburgers, a dozen chicken wings, three shots of chartreuse, and a pitcher of beer. Guess how much it all cost.. $16. How wild is that? A bacon cheeseburger costs only $1.50 and the wings are 25 cents each. It's remarkable how cheap the food is at this place. They definitely make up for it with the alcohol they sell. This place was packed on a Wednesday night, and for good reason. We walked by another bar down the street named The Riff, and the place was completely empty. It reminded me of the bar from The Shining. But Tara's was doing phenomenally well. The half priced drinks and cheap food definitely didn't hurt their business.

Car Accident

So yesterday I was just about to leave SB and I was coming up to a stoplight and I turned to look at some car that had caught my eye and plowed into the car in front of me.. this was my first car accident in my life, and it was very scary, everyone was ok, I didn't even dent her car, yet my hood was completely crumpled.. it was not a good day

Law and Order: SVU

Does anyone else laugh when watching intro credits to Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. I've seen it one million and one times including just now, and it still gets me every time. It's great because they introduce real actors like Christopher Meloni.. Mariska Hargity.. Ice-T.. Ice-T? Are they serious? Why is Ice-T on this show? They don't even use his real name in the credits. Does he even have a real name? Is this the name his mother gave him? Also, why is he playing a cop? He use to write songs about killing cops, and now he plays one on TV. What a sell out! I really like the show though, and to be fair, Ice-T is pretty good on the show. But I just don't get it. I don't know how he got casted in this show. He's a rapper who plays a cop. Rappers hate cops.

first interview

I just had my first interview today. I drove to the office and got there 15 min early. I rang the door bell like the sign says to and i got no response. I am standing outside in the windy morning and I am getting cold. I then rang it again and I got a response this time. The lady on the other line says "hi" and I say Hi back. She was expecting me to state my reason for being there and I just stood there. She then replies "who are you!?" in a rude manner.
I say "stephanie, i'm here to interview with ed."
She comes to open the door for me. I was a little annoyed that I got treated that way just to get into the interview. She insures me that she told Ed i was there and he will be with me. It is now 950 and I sit down waiting in the waiting room. I look around and see a binder full of information. I take a glance at it and before I know it it is 915! Ed finally comes out and greets me with no sorry for being late. Whatever. Now im more annoyed.
But i have to brush all emotions aside and put on a "happy to be here face".
I go flying through the interview... he tells me that I did great and he will set up another interview at a different location. He asked me to sign a criminal background check and all that so I think i pretty much got the job. I just wrote him a thank you letter through email and he hasn't emailed me when the next interview will be but hopefully it will go just as well.

korean horror film...A tale of Two Sisters

Last night the Wang Center was showing a Korean horror film in the theater. It was a story based on a Korean folktale. It was not hard to follow along because there were English subtitles. However there was very little dialogue in the movie. It was a movie that focused on their actions and setting. The soundtrack was kept to a minimum, with Asian instruments creating suspension and scare the audience. The plot was supposedly was the relationship between two daughters a father not very fathering, and a step mother. In most cases you would think a movie with a step mother, that she would be the villain, however this movie twists everything around like the movie "Fight club" and "the Others"... and when they reveal the ending that it is the daughter who is insane and not the step mom it left the audience in complete confusion. I left the theater confused and a little scared. This movie was suppose to be the scariest movie, but it wasn't that scary, maybe there were parts when there was suspense and images, such as flash backs where you would see something like the ring. and the grudge.
anyways if you want to be left in confusion this is the movie for you. It was over all a well written movie.


Why does the weather change so drastically? Yesterday it was so nice. It was such a nice spring day and now today it looks nasty and cold out. This is how people get sick. It's like mother nature is teasing us. She's giving us warm weather one day then cold the next. How am I supposed to adapt to this? I can't wait till its Spring time. I really dislike the cold. I never bundle up. It just takes too much time and then when youre inside, you need to take off all those layers or you'll be burning up.

The Power of fear...

I was talking to my friend yesterday and we were walking around campus after my test. And the Olympics came up in our conversation. We talked about which sports we watch and then I said that I wished that the Olympics would have been hosted by Chicago instead of Brazil. What she said next surprised me. She goes, "I would never go if it was here. I'm glad that it's not the U.S. hosting it because the terrorists and Bin Laden would do something. They're just waiting to do something. " I'm like are you serious? I would go to the Olympics if it was hosted here, that's pretty cool to actually go to the Olympics and see the events in person instead of through a tv screen. I would never want to live in a bubble or be scared of doing anything just because there's a "threat" from terrorists. There's always going to be people who want to do harm but we shouldn't let them win by playing into their fear.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

time for relaxation and lots of sleep...

i finished my bio exam tonight. it was a disaster, didn't expect it to be that specific. not i'm looking forward to studying for orgo and bio lab. schools all about making you taking tests. i really dont think these tests area fair evaluation of our performance. we only get three exams per semester and these three exams bascially judge us as a student. bomb out on one and you're pretty much screwed. all these exams do is see how well students cram in the last minute. i fill my brain with so much information and facts a few days before the exam that i forget half of them the day after the exam. so far, all my midterms have all been about memorizing facts. there's no real learning going on.

come on Yankees..

really? they had the lead and lost it. so close to winning the ALCS. what a missed opportunity. where did the momentum go? it makes me want to pull my hair whenever i see a game like this. all they needed was to win this one game to go to the world series. now they're only leading the series by one game 3-2. next game guys!!

anger management

I want to dive over the partition in the restaurant booth
and slam your head into the table hoping that you'll feel something.
Maybe your bones will stiffen in one direction & your eyes will stick to one side of your head.
I'll continue to burn holes into your skin & you probably still won't feel anything.


I just wanted to comment on that statistic the professor gave in class the other day. "There are more gifted children born in china and india than children born in the united states." First of all I would like to know where this statistic originated. Was either the chinese or indian government studies that produced it? If so there is obvious bias that in my opinion completely falsifies the statement. I would also like to know how the term "gifted" was defined. I also wonder if this obviously fabricated statement was written to chinese and indian children are some how genetically superior or if it is the society the children were raised in superior. If it is the first of the two, I have some observational data I would like to bring to the table. Last year my roommate was indian, smart girl, studied all the time but nothing out of the ordinary. This year I have a chinese roommate and she's not exactly the brightest flower in the garden.


THE WEEKEND IS HERE! All my exams done. Finally, I'm done, with everything. Finished my last exam in about 30 minutes. Came back to my room and watched Gossip Girl, since I missed it on Monday. I feel like I have so much time to do whatever I want. I don't even know where to start. I'll probably just laze around for a few more hours then go and start to do homework, maybe. Probably not. Who am I kidding? It's Thursday. I hve 3 days to finish all my homework !

Port Jefferson Bums

There's this bum that lives in my neighborhood. He calls himself PK. I find this bum to be very interesting. Much more interesting than the other bums that live in my neighborhood. Apparently, he graduated from law school and use to make a decent salary. But he decided to give all that up and pursue a life of living in the streets. He sleeps somewhere around the Port Jefferson railroad station. My friend works at Port Jefferson Beverage and says that PK is in there like four times a day to quench his thirst with a high alcoholic drink. My friend suggested that he should just buy something like a 30 pack, instead of coming in four times a day and buying a 24 oz. malt beverage. This would save him money in the long run. PK didn't listen to the advice though. He does his own thing. He's also there every morning to return his bottles and cans and collect the deposit money. So, at least he's a regimented bum. What a guy, huh. I don't think he's trying to keep up with the Jones's. Not unless his idea of the Jones's is the guy who can collect the most can/bottle deposit money

the importance of being aware

so, I was heading over to class today around half 9 this morning and suddenly broke down, for the first time in my driving life. I was absolutely blown away by this, as my car was seemingly fine and I thought this came out of nowhere, but no --- after the tow truck, leaving my precious Elphie (yeah, I named my car. I know.) at the mechanics, hours later I find out it all stems back to a light that was on my dash that I honestly just never paid attention to. How stupid can I be? Was I that busy not to notice this bloody light? I don't know. But I clearly didn't make it to class today because of my stupidity on this part.

It also seems that everything that could go wrong with my life usually happens before this class (last time missing class because of a sporadic neck problem), what is that all about?

God, what a day.

Old computer

The other night my friends and I found an old Mac computer in the basement. We have no idea who it belongs to, so we decided to try it out. It looks like it's from the mid 90's. It's one of those Macs with the color monitor, when they were manufacturing the multicolor Mac computers. So, we hook it up and there's just under six gigabytes of hard drive space. But, to my surprise, it runs very well. I was shocked. It looks like it has been down there for a long time. We wanted to check the hard drive to make sure there wasn't anything inappropriate on it. Luckilly, we did not have to turn the ten year old Mac computer into the authorities. Success.

Lady bug infestation and the genocide that ensued

Yesterday, my house became totally infested with lady bugs. According to some people, this made my house the luckiest one around. Apparently, lady bugs are suppose to be good luck. I'm not really a superstitious person, so instead of being happy that the outside of my house is crawling with lady bugs, I decided to go outside with my friend Dave and take control of the situation. Dave and I became lady bug genociders. We killed the vast majority of them. Dave was pretty pissed off because they were actually getting into his room through a hole in the window where his air conditioner is. Why Dave still has his air conditioning unit installed is beyond me. Dave's entire window sill was covered with dead lady bugs. It was pretty sick. I feel a little bad because I think that lady bug are beautiful bugs. They shouldn't have tried to infest my house though. That's my house!!! MY HOUSE! Don't bring that juice to a gin party.


Resumes will make or break is the first thing that a company sees when you are interested in being employed at their business is the only item that will get you into the door or is the first impression you get to make to a prospective employer and without it we would be jobless like the rest of America. It is so important to organize your resume and your experience and present it on a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper that is suppose to summarize your work life and skills and experiences...HOW HORRIFYING IS THAT! How am I suppose to but a life's worth of experience hoping that a company will understand and learn about my capabilities and a resume if you dont have the perfect are DOOMED..if you dont have the perfect are DOOMED...if you dont have the perfect anything...YOU ARE DOOOMED! And you wanna know what the catch isss??....every employer wants something different so how are we supppose to know what they want and how they want me...oh well..back to fixing my resumee

The New MacBook

Guess what I did the other day! Some might applaud me. Some might look down on me. But I am proud to say that I am a MAC! I am no longer a Dell! Sorry PCs...those days for me are over! Yesterday I went to the Apple Store in Smith Haven Mall and bought my first MacBook and it was the new edition of the old MacBook! Imagine the MacBook Pro and the Old MacBook had a baby...that baby would be my new MacBook! It looks just like the pro but has a white plastic finish like the mac book, it has all the same capabilities as the pro, even the light up keys and the LED backlight, and it even has more memory and speed capabilities than the pro..and its cheaper! how awesome is that! I guess I waited for the perfect time to buy this macbook...i was going to buy the regular macbook earlier this semester buttt something from the heavens stopped me and made me procrastinate till today...the new macbook only came out a couple of days ago and its the perfect machine for meee!! i love it!! i love it!! The war between macs and pcs are very humorous to me because macs win hands down!!


I'm excited because I'm officially moving out in December into my own apartment & getting a cat. I'm happy because there's less stuff that I have to buy than I thought I was going to have to & everything just seems really doable. I'm really looking forward to this & I'm not really stressed out about it at all anymore. :)

Big Brother?

So this whole idea about augmented reality is pretty interesting huh? And the funny part is, my roomie, batman as i will refer to her from now on, and i were discussing basically this very same topic into the wee hours of the night last night.. we happened to be watching (and i hav no idea why or how we came upon it) a speech of Obama's about his nobel peace prize i guess.. oh which is another funny topic.. a peace prize about an act of peace that hasnt even happened yet? Go figure.. lol hope it works out for him tho.. anywayss.. so batman is a republican, not quite a fan of Obama.. ok she hates the guy lol.. I happen to have no problem with him, nor do i know much about anything to really say though either.. so ill say im indifferent about him politically... Moving on tho.. Batman has this idea u see, that the government has a huge "big brother" type of agency, watching and attempting to control? our every move.. And what was a really funny coincidence is that she further insisted that this "big brother" have something to do with Apple, since lets face it, everyoneee has some form of "i" something.. whether its itunes on their comp, or and ipod or and iphone.. Something to wonder huh? lol i called her crazy n passed out, funny that same topic came up the next morning in class, coincidence? who knows ;)


I thought the today would never come! It's been one hell of a week. Exams left and right. Studying for 5+ hours. My brain doesn't have the capacity to store all this information. It sucks because you study for a test, then what do you do with all the information afterward? It just disappears. Well I know for sure most of it just goes away but some still remains. I don't really get the concept of exams. I know it's a way for the professors to grade you but if students just cram the material and forget it after the exam, what's the point? There really is none, is there?

Like Professor Baldwin said, maybe everything is just a game. We're playing this game called "school" and we're trying to win by getting good grades. This involves remembering all this useless information that we will never need ever again. But hey, everyone wants to be a winner so we will continue to play this game.


WHOA ok! I don't want to know when I am going to die, and how can a piece of electronics tell the exact day and time of my death! It's pretty impossible for this app to really work, and also scary as well I don't know about anyone else but knowing the date of my death kinda freaks me out!...

My Night In

Last night I got home around 9:30 after a lovely evening with the boy. Now it was all good and dandy until I walked in the door, I tripped over the rug and then flew into the doorway in front of the front door, I smashed my head on the door frame, lay there for a few minutes and then got up and continued on my way to my bedroom.. along the way I forgot to turn the lights on in the kitchen and proceeded to trip over my dog, step on her tail, make her angry and then continued on my way stumbling to my room (yes this entire time I was completely sober.. not much of a drinker, just a clutz) then I got to my room finally and didn't realize my sister was in there and fell over her and then collapsed into my bed. goodnight.

My version of MONKEYTOWN...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Will somebody please watch my videos!

They did not put them on in class, and I need the views to go up. My url on youtube is and I have a two-part episode of Alan G. Wasenius Presents on there. Please give an old man a chance.

rough day(s)

More than a month ago I hurt my foot but the last week or so it has gotten a lot worse & has been swelling & increasingly hard to walk on. I got a x-ray on Saturday & am waiting for the doctor to call me with the results. Today it was so bad I could hardly think about anything else & felt like crying. I'm not being a baby, it just really hurts that much. The only good thing that happened to me today was I tried Burger King Cheesy Tots which I never had before & they were delicious. I got excited about it so I texted my sister, my friend & my boyfriend about them & my friend told me they were 1000 calories so I got sad again. When I went home I looked them up online & they're only 220 so there.


Two exams down, one more to go. One more day of cramming and everything will be okay. After my test tomorrow, I'm just going to come back and crash and sleep till I feel like waking up! I'm so tired and stressed that I just cannot wait for the weekend! I can't wait till I'm free from some of my school work! AH, this week has been almost hell. Ups and downs, just like how it was a month ago. Like a roller coaster. Is my life going in a circle? Does everything come full circle in the end?

Chem Test

So I know you see a lot of me complaining on here about chemistry... well last night I took the test and this morning I checked my answers and it appears that I got a 96 on this test.. I guess studying does pay off sooner or later (:

Monkey Town a la Steph

This is just a little something I did with the MonkeyTown thing, I just added a few of my edited pics and tada! its somewhat weird with the fuzziness of the pictures but whatever, it still looks cool.

why is everything spinning

This past week has been one of the most difficult for me. I never knew so much stress can pile up on a person within a week. How is it that I had perfect control of my time and work and now i have totally lost that control. From school to work I wonder if next week will prove better. I look towards the near future and just see deadlines and exams all at the same time. Placing myself in too many things at the same time have finally caught up to me. There are two things to do when life spins you in circles: give up and let it throw you anywhere or turn your head like a dancer so you keep focus on the one thing because eventually the spinning will end and you do not want to forget or lose the thing you initially set your eyes on. For me, I am going to try the latter and keep my turning so i can stay focused on one point.


I realize that Halloween is just a day where girls can dress like sluts and not actually be called sluts. Last night there was a Halloween Party in Sac Ballroom A, not many people dressed up, but the people who were dressed up had slutty-ish costumes.

So anyways, after China Blue, my friends and I went to go study for our soc midterm which is today. We studied for about 2.5 hours then started to go off track. So we had ourselves a little dance party in my suite. It is actually a really good stress reliever. Then instead of pulling an all nighter to study, we pulled an almost all nighter, talking about useless stuff.

Now it's time for me to go cram ...


YMCA stage

Glee Tonight!

Everyone should be watching Glee at 9/8 ct on Fox! Glee drama seems to be resolved with Sue Sylvester but will Quinn do now that everyone knows she's pregnant? high school bloggers will find out for this episode I'm sure, and there's no telling how brutal they'll be to her. Finn the boyfriend and the glee kids will be there to support her, but what if Finn and the others find out she's prego? oh no! hopefully Quinn isn't given a ballad because her voice isn't very strong and doesn't have Lea Michelle's pipes by any stretch of the imagination. Check it out, if you're a glee version, I suggest you catch up on the series at where it'll be available for the whole season.

first midterm

Last night I took what felt like the longest midterm of my life. Even though the material was coming to me as well as I thought it would (decently) allof the writing was rough on my wrist, arm, hand, everything! My TA admitted watching us was pitiful and felt very bad for us. I hope the two hours that I did spend writing as much as I could will be sufficient for a good grade. I also heard that there were a fair few people that were there for 3 hours and couldn't finish the whole exam. One midterm today, one tomorrow and I'll be free as a bird by Friday!


Gothic Stage by Hanieh.B

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


you think that you are as cracked out as me and my girlieeeess!?!...... goodluck it took allnighters and lots and lots of amp to get us to this point of no return ... sitting in the library looking at our books and not able to sit still ... <3 how is it that our bodies can be so awake and yet so dead ?!


I amp a druggg??? some people fight that caffeine is a drug and that coffee is bad for you .. what about alll these energy drinks ... all these crazy drinks filled with crazy amounts of sugar and crazy amounts of caffeine!? i personally have been awake for nearly the past week straight with the help form these guys :) so thank god for energy drinks during times of desperate cramming <3


Soooooooo why exactly do we conform to society? What makes people follow the rules? How is that we come together as one in a society that must stick to these distinct boundaries? I honestly don't know why I'm writing about this but we're going to give it a try. So to answer the first question, why do we conform to society, do you have an answer? Think about it. Everyday we must do certain things, get dressed in the morning, go to school, go to work, why do we do these things? Do we have a choice? But, everyone is doing it, is that the reason why we conform? Why can't we set our own rules, well for a quick answer, there would be chaos, and nothing would get done. Is it this level of efficiency that makes us conform to society? What would happen if everyone tried to lead, could it really work? There are leaders and followers in our society. The leaders are the ones who go above and beyond the normal tendencies of others, this is why they are in charge. But do these leaders have a certain advantage over others? Maybe its fame, wealth, popularity, etc. So, for example, what would happen if I showed up to work in sweatpants and no shoes? Well for one, I would always wear some kind of footwear because I work in a restaurant. Is it the fear that we are forced to conform? Sure, I would never think to come into work not wearing the proper clothing, because there is a good chance of being sent home or fired. So what exactly is conforming? It seems like a bunch of people who are zombies that follow a set of rules each and every day. Btw, CC Sabathia i so good. But anyway, think about it. Why do you conform? Why do you follow the rules? Is it fear of not being accepted by society for being different or acting out? I don't really know if that made sense... I gotta go study Germany!

video heartaches

I finish the worlds fair video. I bring in the worlds fair stuff, and, well, nothing. To think I wanted to get it in on time


Day two of the week here. Two more days left then my weekend is here. I simply CANNOT wait for the weekend. This week is a total dread. All these exams, so little time to study. AHHH >_<

It's impossible to study for 3 exams within a week. I need to do everything day by day. Tonight will be devoted to sociology and so will tomorrow morning. I love how I'm stalling time by blogging. I should be studying right now but I don't feel like it yet. Maybe after I finish this blog, I'll open up some books and really try to get all my studying done. The problem is I have no clue where to start. It seems like that's a problem for everyone ...

Now the week begins

Today begins the series of midterms...My TA told me it would feel more like a regents exam, So I'm a little more nervous but more prepared for what I need to do. I've studied a good amount for a Media Literacy exam, hopefully it really is enough. I cannot wait until Thursday night, whenever I have midterms I blow everyone off and can't do other work besides studying, can't really eat besides drinking coffee and I need to get into a healthier routine after this week. Now the week begins, and I'm not ready for all the stress, but I'm trying to stay calm.



sleep ...

Whys is sleep so necessary .. i wish that there was more time in the day .. there are so many things to do and not enough time and when things are to be cut out and things need to be prioritized sleep is usually the first to go .. i have not slept in soooo long that i actually forget what a good nights sleep feels like ..
- i wish that the days were longer and that we were able to do more in a day .. i wish that sleep wasn't so necessary .. :(((