Friday, December 18, 2009

Question of The Day

This will probably be my last question of the day. It's not a this or that style question though.

What's the value of a hug? what does it mean?

- Kenneth

100th post

My final 100th post. This class was fun, interesting, and eye opening. I hope every one enjoyed my movie and other work. I wish everyone the best of luck on finals and have an awesome winter break. See ya next year! :)

love my car

I don't know how some people can not drive. I would be lost without my car. I don't like public transportation just because you have to wait for it. I have to park in the commuter parking lot and take the express bus and the other day I had to wait for the bus for about 10 min. It was freezing outside and all I wanted was my car. I don't know hoe people do it everyday especially during the winter.

holiday movies

One of my favorite Christmas movies is Elf. They have been playing it over and over on USA network and I watch it every time. Will Farrell is just hysterical, I love all his movies. Another movie I enjoy is The Santa Clause. Although I don't care for Tim Allen, the movie is very cute.


So the only thing I asked for this year from my family is the entire series of True Blood books. It is a pretty nice gift, costs around $50. I figured I am going to need something to keep me busy on the 14 hour plane ride to China.


This year for Christmas presents I decidied to give everyone something really small and wait to get them something nice in China. I think that is okay because I am only a college student, therefore broke, and I would have to get something for everyone in China anyway so why not combined it. Maybe that sounds cheap but I think I really nice gift from China is better than anything I can get here.


I noticed a new weird OCD habit of mine. I can't fall asleep unless all the doors are closed. Any closet door and bedroom door needs to be shut. I don't know why, I guess I like the feeling of being enclosed.

grab bag

Every year for Christmas Eve my family gets together to celebrate. We have a grab bag but it isn't a traditional grab bag. we pick numbers out of a hat and whoever gets number 1 goes first. It kind of sucks if you get the first pick because if people like what you have they can trade in their gift for yours. It is best to have the last pick because you can pick whatever you want. last Christmas I picked number 1 and got stuck with a automatic can opener. Let's hope that doesn't happen again this year.

Blizzard Watch

so there is a blizzard watch for Saturday which is kinda cool. We could be getting over a foot of snow. I like the winter and don't mind the snow I just wish I had all my gear here instead of at home. It is going to such trying to walk without my snowshoes. Also it would have been nice if we raked our leaves before we get snow. Oh well what can I say, living with all college students you just don't have time.

my coilovers

So, i just bought a set of 36 way adjustable coilovers to mess with the ride height and dampening of my cars suspension whenever i want. I bought the k-sports because it was the bang for the buck, if i were not a college student and had more cash to blow i would have went with the jic-flta2 or the stance gr+pro. these seem really nice and have great reviews. I cant wait to put them in.

- Rob Hamilton

so cool...

this is by far the coolest video i have seen of an internal combustion engine. the view of this impreza is fromt he inside out and is computer generated. awesome

-Rob Hamilton

pet peeves

I cant standpeople who ask too manyquestions. From strangers to little kids, its sooo annoying. I remember teling my little cousin about my new motorcycle, he had 100 questions that followed and all of them were what you would expect from a 7 year old (is it fast, can you do tricks...) although the first dozen questions are ok the remaining 88 arent. I have no idea but that is one of the worst pet peeves of mine.

-rob hamilton

Cymothoa exigua

A new paracitic louse has been dicsovered off the coast of California. This particular parasite crawls into the gills of a host fish, attatches itself to the tongue of that host, sucks the blood out of the tongue and replaces itself as a new tongue. How sick is that? The cool thing is that this is the only recorder parasite that replaces an organ wthout any further harm to the fish aside from the loss of that organ. Id post pics but its pretty gross. google Cymothoa exigua

-Rob Hamilton

the new jetta tdi

How come i am just finding out that the new jetta tdi (a diesel version of a typical jetta) gets over 45mpg's? Some have recorded gas saviings of over 50mpg's. Thats crazy, even the prius dosent get that good gas mileage and it is 1/2 battery power, and not extremely ugly either. I might really consider buying a V W for my next car...( i was only joking), but its something that should be more publicized , certainly more than tiger's love life.

-Rob Hamilton


For this x-mas my parents decided to throw a holiday party for the entire family. This is going to be good, between my wild aunts and uncles from the bronx to my crazy ass cousins from nassau. A friendly game of spades can turn into a drinking game before the the first hand is played. i cant wait

-Rob Hamilton


IMHO nothing taste better in the morning than a brush full of toothpaste. not even the best cup of coffee from 7-11 (cause starbucks dosent sell coffee, they sell image and nasty water). And the only thing better than brushing my teeth in the morning is taking a shower that feels like it could melt skin like the wicked witch of the west. Something good has to happen in the morning otherwise people would never leave the house after something as horrible as having an alarmclock scar the crap out of you while you were sound asleep.

-Rob Hamilton

alarm clocks...

Is there anything more annoying than listening to someone wide awake try to get you out of bed like whatever is going on outside of my bedroom is so much better than lying in bed at 630am. I could care less if the garbage cans are not out by the street. Leave me alone ma !!!

-Rob Hamilton


The worst part about the holidays has to be, without a doubt, shopping at the mall for the perfect xmas gift. It is so crowded and no one knows what they are doing or looking for. The minivan moms go from scarring the hell out of me with their driving skills to annoying the hell out of me with their trouble making kids and inability to push a stroller. If i have to go back before the new year i will be going after dinner time. Beware of the oblivious and peroccupied

-Rob Hamilton

running into people

Have you ever been somewhere that you thought i might run into someone who i could care less to see. Thathas to be the most awkward parts of a day at the mall xmas shopping. The other day i ran into the kid i beat up in 9th grade, it was almost commical how he saw me and ran away like i was going hit him for talking about my mother 7 years ago.

-Rob Hamilton

food at tanger

The other night i was out at tanger with a friend. Not only was all the food there a knock off version of the mall (ciannabon was cinna-monster and china wok was wok and roll) but all the food sucked, it looked sooo good when i was really hungry, and even the chineese food taste testers were great but when i got a mouth full of the acutal food i felt suckered, someone else must have made that taste tester. i don recommend eating there.

-Rob Hamilton

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Vegas birthday

My friend recently mentioned to me that she wants to go to Las Vegas for her birthday. She and I are only 2 days apart from our birthdays, so now we are thinking of just celebrating together. I would love to go to Vegas! I have never been there before, so I think it will be pretty interesting.

Captain Crunch and Peanut Butter

For the past few days I have been munching on it like my life depends on it. It is just so delicious, the combination is so yummy! I mean I know that I can just get the peanut butter and captain crunch cereal, but it is just not the same.

The race of technology

I recently saw this commercial on television about this new phone that is coming out that has a projecter attached to it. I thought to myself, when and where would I actually be able to use that kind of thing? I think sometimes most phone companies try way too hard to compete on who has the better and more advanced technology. I mean, hey, I don't blame them. They are just doing what needs to be done, but you won't see me running out to buy something like that.

HD television?

Why is high definition television such a new craze for people these days? I really don't see the difference between it and regular television. People make fun of it because apparently some people do not look so great in that certain "light", but I just don't see it!


I can not shake my love for soda, or more specifically diet pepsi. I tried to quit drinking so much of it a couple of weeks ago and I was actually really good about it for quite some time! Unfortunately, I fell off that band wagon pretty quickly.


I really can't wait for the day that I can finally go and visit Ireland. To me it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, well from what I can see from pictures and television. I just want to be able to immerse myself in their culture and take in all the sights, smells, and tastes. I want to meet the people there, eat delicious food, and see the beautiful old buildings.


Monkey town was a lot different than I expected. I was really cool and fun seeing everyones work up on the big screen, especially when you see your own work up there.

elephant in womb

I found this image and I thought it was really cool. It is a baby elephant still inside its mother's womb.


I am so looking forward to holiday food this year. My aunt makes these powder cookies with nuts in them from scratch and thay are so delicious. She makes me a plate to take home every year.


I just booked my flight to China and I couldn't believe the price. It was only $850 for a direct roundtrip flight. How awesome is that. the only problem is it is a 14 hour flight. What the heck am I going to do for 14 hours. sitting in a little seat for that long is going to be such a rough task. I am going to have such bad jet lag especially because they are ahead of us by 13 hours.

I'm going to China

So I am really excited for winter break because I am going to China. I have never been outside of the country before so I can't wait. I will be visiting Shanghai and Bejing. My friend lives over their so we will be staying in her house for 2 weeks. ahh I can't wait!!

laundry is do annoying

One of the most annoying chore is doing laundry. I have had no time for the past like 3 weeks to do anything but school work so I have a huge pile just waiting to be done. I just keep looking at it cause i am so lazy and tired to even bother doing it. UGH it is such a tedious task lol

finals over

So I am all finished with finals today thank God and writing these last posts to reach 100 is my final task for this semester. This was a rough semester, 6 classes- 2 at 400 level, 2 at 300 level, and 2 at 200 level plus a part time job. This was probably the hectic semester I have had here at Stony Brook and I am so happy it is over.
Monkey town was different fun new experience,
not as bad at all as i thought it would be...
burgers were good...
zebra cakes were better

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Polar Express

I have the cutest little train running under my Christmas Tree. It is a G Scale Polar Express. It is powered by batteries, and operates by remote control. I love it.

Pet Peeves

The RSP for some odd reason appears to be on a campaign to make sure that we lock our doors. So I guess they're walking around opening doors, and if it's open, they decided to disturb my studying, make me open the door cus "we can't come in, we're RSP" and just say "yeah we're RSP, we just want to make sure that you guys lock your doors". Clearly if my door's open and I manage to yell "COME IN" to you, I think the room's occupied. Why does the door have to be locked? Stop wasting my time, RSP. It'd be appreciated.

- Kenneth

e10 pinout schematics

these are the wiring schematics for a early model aristo, this is the pinout for the e10 plug and necessary in any 2jzgte swap.

-Rob Hamilton

different kinds of wants

what i want for xmas...

what the girlfriend wants for xmas...

all guys want cool stuff and ladies love shiny things (kinda like how fish love shiny stuff lol)

-Rob Hamilton

new foods

The other day at monkeytown i tried a bacon cheese burger...with egg. it was amazing. Tonight for dinner i will be trying a brigole that my mother is making and from what i hear they are pretty good. Soon i will step up to things like plain avacado, green and yellow might 2 of my more favorite colors but damn does it smell bad lol. more new things to come.

-Rob Hamilton

looks cool to me

it lends a whole new meaning to visual arts

-Rob Hamilton


Between each post i have been studying for my astrology final. It is so rediculous that i have to know that one neautrino has a 50/50 shop of actually passing through 100 lightyears worth of lead. I am a business major and these are only some of the things that make absolutely no sense to me in this university.

-Rob Hamilton

baby wigs...

i still dont understand why infants who cant walk still wear shoes and not loafers, mockasins or nice socks...they certainly dont need wigs.(i hope you laugh a little bit)

-Rob Hamilton

i dont know how some college students dont find this website funny, if you cant relate to anything (mostly sex, drugs and alcohol) then you are no only missing out on these jokes but life entirely. Im drinking my girlfriends smirnoff and eating triscuits trying to get to my 100th blog, its all i have in my apartment other than milk and cookies but thats boring

-Rob Hamilton


i have never seen fabrication like this. It is amazing to see this happen shot by shot

-Rob Hamilton

a sick r32 skyline mountain togue drift

i think this is awesome.

-Rob hamilton

tonights going to be crazy

So i just got a call from my friend joey, he is that guy that got me suspended every other day in high school and almost arrested in college. we are probably going to start the night by riding out minibikes in the industrial park, quickly followed by a visit of some SCPD officers. then out to the bar, and probably some end of semester college party. i cant wait to see how the night goes down.

-Rob Hamilton


When is this winter going to be over with. I keep asking myself "is it summer yet". the weather is horrible, there is nothing to do, and nothing going on. its so cold out and still no snow. i just want to ride my toys again.

-Rob Hamilton


this is by far the coolest paint job i have ever seen on any car, flat black wide body s15 spec-r

-Rob Hamilton

crazy e-mail addresses

I sell alot of things on ebay and craigslist and almost always see a persons e-mail before before we complete a deal. I just read one of the most obscene e-mail addresses ever. What posesses people to make these addresses that are so crazy. I guess these indidivuals dont think that they will ever have to tell their address to an employer or someone in a respectable position, and maybe they won't, but they certainly know that a stranget who has to take them seriously will. Whats the deal with that?

-Rob Hamilton

one long day

Sometimes it just feels like a day will never come to an end,no matter what time you wake up/go to sleep, what you have on yout to-do list, or how much you actually got done. Some days just seem like a clock froze and is not going to continue. today is one of those days.

-Rob Hamilton

3-day Express Shipping

So I ordered a pair of shoes from J. Crew, and the nice lady on the line when I ordered it upgraded me from standard shipping which takes 4-7 business days to 3-day delivery. When I began wondering where my package was, I called in my order 2 days in. I learned that J. Crew's 3-day shipping actually involves 2 days at the warehouse and then a overnight ship to the location. This perplexed me, because I'd assume that being quicker on their feet in the warehouse and then just getting 2-day delivery would come out much cheaper in operating costs for J. Crew's operation instead of spending their time in the warehouse then overnighting (air) it to me. Whatever works though right?

- Kenneth

The Necessity of Driving

I'm 19 years old and don't have a driver's license.

That's right I said it.

Think about it though, if I chose to stay in NYC my entire life, I wouldn't need a car, nor need to know how to operate one. Public transportation is so ubiquitous and handy that driving anywhere in the city just doesn't make sense. Armed with my unlimited monthly Metrocard, I would go places.

This winter break though, I will learn to drive, get my license, but again, it'll probably go unused in my wallet, a simple state ID that everyone needs to have (which my learner's permit does fine). Why do we really all need to drive everywhere? I don't figure I'll be doing much driving till perhaps next fall semester when I'll debate having a car on campus.

- Kenneth


Over the past few years i have bought and sold tons of car and motorcycle parts on ebay. I have no idea why paypal has to take so much of my momey when i transfer funds. Ebay also has high fees for when i sell things. Everyone knows that ebay and paypal go hand in hand, and anyone who has looked into it also knows that ebay bought paypal in mid 2002 for 1.5 billion dollars. It would be alot easier and probably cheaper for ebay sellers if all the fees were taken out at one time. Nonetheless, paypal and ebay have horrible customer service, just try to find a phone number to call ebay. These two comapanies help me make money but need to get their stuff together.

-Rob Hamilton

gateway netbook

i finally bought it, waiting for it to arrive, i feel like its an early xmas. I cant wait to see how cool my new technology is, i cant remember the last time i got something new like this. Maybe my lg rumor phone, i was amazed to have a phone with a keyboard lol.

-Rob Hamilton

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Something Big Something Small

Hip Hop producer extraordinaire Pharrell Williams recently visited Miami's Art Basel a couple of weeks ago. He sat down to have a conversation with Time Magazine about art in general and what it means to him. Check out the video at this link.


New Wall in Buenos Aires by Jaz

Local street artist Jaz recently blessed a city wall in Buenos Aires with a super-jumbo sized piece in his signature fluid style. You can tell by the picture below that this thing is HUGE. Posted below is a short vid on the Buenos Aires street art scene featuring Jaz and other Buenos Aires native artists.


Medicom x Chogokin Bearbrick

With recent collabos with Chiaki Kuriyama and Gettry, Japanese toy giant Medicom is showing no sign of gettin out of the Be@rbrick game any time soon. For their latest offering, Medicom has released a chromed out 200% bear inspired by Japan's legendary Chogokin toys. This 6 inch tall Bearbrick retails for $150.



I have just switched to a crackberry 9700 and I feel like an old fart trying to use new technology. When did cell phones become this smart? What ever happened to just texting and calls. When did cell phones do everything for you?? seriously. I feel like im on the grid man.....they can locate me at any time. This stuff isnt for the paranoid.


New set of Blogs

blog blog blog
blog blog blog blog blog
blog blog blo-blog
blog blog blog

Number of Posts... and special thanks:)

Just wanted to say Thank You Profeeeesssss000or for the visual interactive world that you've opened up for us !:-)
and special thanks to our wonderful TAs Alex and Ali for always being there to offer their valuable help!
also, Rob (since you too are on the thanks for the ride:-)
and thank you everyone from the class, it was a pleasure meeting you!
good luck on your finals and with everything!

So, taking a break between studying I decided to actually count all of my posts and the number came up to 113 :) which means that the 100 blog margin is far behind!!!

s15 and r34

some sketchup

-Rob Hamilton

fast food

Fast food has to be one of the best inventions ever, not that it is really an invention more than a discovery. if i have 100$ in my wallet i will spend 70-80$ of it on food. if the food i make tasted like charcoil it would be a step up on the flavor chart. My mothers cooking is amazing but only happens once in a blue moon. so short of me convincing my g/f to cook for me i will be stuck eating food that is horrible for my body but taste amazing. mcdonalds here i come.

-Rob Hamilton

rock and hard place

i have to decide weather or not i am going to buy my sister that expensive pandora bead i know she would love for xmas, or going to the bar with the guys once i drop off my is a tuesday night. decisions decisions......wwyd

-Rob Hamilton

watching stephen colbert

steven just signed some hot olympians thigh in a mini skirt and snoop dogs real name is Cordozar Calvin Broadus Jr. and he is wearing a durag and a green flannel hoodie and admits that he is under the influence of medical marijuanna cause it was prescribed to him by a doctor, and not i love television

-Rob Hamilton

favorite websites (fml sucks)
mostly for car info and college fun

-Rob Hamilton


It looks so nice when people decide to put up lights on their house but mam does it suck when you are the person who has to put them up and take them down within a months time when it is freezing out. Although they look nice this year i am boycotting putting them up, not because i have lost the holiday spirit but because i have better things to do.

-Rob Hamilton

new build

viper srt10 motor gen 3
tr6060 trans from gen 4
ss tubular manifolds
ss dual 3" exhaust
dual walbro255's
spec stage 4
fidanza flywheel
custom driveshaft
custom mounts
wiring by me
f40 brembos
tfe lines
z32 uprights
fal fans
and more to come

-Rob Hamilton

corny jokes that make me laugh

if a cow could laugh would milk come out its nose?
if you chole a smurf what color does it turn?
Aren't all generalizations false?
Can I get arrested for running into a Fire House yelling Movie! Movie!?
camping...why do people work year round to act like bums?
How can someone "draw a blank"?
If God dropped acid, would he see people?
some of these are funny but most are corny, who has read this, comment if you read.

-Rob Hamilton


Dave Chappell where did you go? Come back, you have some of the funniest stuff i have ever seen, i know your show ended years ago but the material is just soooo funny. It is true that the more offensive the stuff is, the harder i laugh, even if it is aimed towards me. darkness is upon us....._____your couch!!!!!

-Rob Hamilton


i ordered a pizza 20 minutes ago and it just got to my house. My neighbor just called the cops 20 minutes ago to make a police report about some fraud that happened to her on the internet or something. I just found out that i can have a pizza made for me and delivered to my house way before the cops get to the house across the street, i live closer to the 6th precient than the pizza place. i bet i can eat the whole pizza before the cops get there,or atleast way before they finish the report. WOW

-Rob Hamilton


I cant wait for all these finals to be over. Whats the deal with cramming all this information into out heads for the sole purpose of being able to remember it for the next few hours and then totally forgetting about it. all we are being tested on is how much time we feel like studying and how long we can remember info, not what we really learned.

-Rob Hamilton

rent a center

How does the guy in the rent-a-center commercial make renting furniture and appliances for the holidays seem like fun, desireable and enjoyable...he must be the new billy mayes. (yea, i said it)

-Rob Hamilton

putting in my cage

This saturday i will finally finish my roll cage in my 1995 s-chassis. i originally bought a 10point cage from s and w race cars alng with another 40foot of tubing. Once this thing is done it will look like the driver is in jail lol. i just hope it comes out damn near perfect and there is no reason why it shouldnt.

-Rob Hamilton

need driving lessons?

Since when did people forget how to drive. Thereis nothing worse than the person who refuses to turn their head thinking that a blinker guarantees them a spotin the next lane. i wish i made money every time i beeped at someone. Old people are deffinitely worst drivers than teenagers. I have decided to sell my motorcycle because of how many times i have been lane checked by someone too lazy to look. When it rains it seems almost as if people are driving with their feet and can only do 1/2 the speed limit...its rain people, learn how to drive.

-Rob Hamilton

hot date tonight

Tonight i have a hot date. me and this cute dominican girl will be going down port, possibly to salsa salsa but most likely pita z. The food at both of these places are amazing but the greek food place is much more quiet and will work better for this kind of date. We will then continue our date down port at the ice skating rink which we have done once before. For some reason, idk how you can hide an ice skating rink down port, but most people dont know about it. It should be good if the weather holds out.

-Rob Hamilton

where is all the good music at?

Lately i have been listening to music that is years old. it seems that all the new mucis that is commin out is only designed for the masses, more fosused on money than actually good music that focuses on a specific crowd. Slipknot was my favorite band and now they comeout with songs like snuff...just google it for me, look at a picture of the band (scareist looking band i can think of) and just imagine the furthest kind of music from what you would assume they make. i want better music!

-Rob Hamilton

my new license

After finally turning 21 i finally got my new lisence. it looks exactly like the one from 4 years ago. I still have the same hair cut, wear similar jackets and absolutely no facial hair ( serious, seriously funny). The only difference is how i have grown a couple inches and it no longer says under 21. Funny thing is every time i have tried to but alcohol i got carded and rejected but the one time i actually have a real i.d. and i dont get carded.

-Rob Hamilton

spoon pranks

this cracks me up every time

-Rob Hamilton

holiday season food

Starting with thanksgiving is when all the good food hits the dinner table. From the big hams and turkey to the dozen different types of potatoes i cant imagine a better season to make sure i will be home for dinner. I can smell my mom preparing duck, my all time favorite and i cant wait to dig in.

-Rob Hamilton

my computer sucks

i was just typing about how much my computer gives me so many problems lately and it decided to freeze up. maybe because i have never had the computer cleaned since i bought it in mid 2006. its like it knows when im talking bad about it and can freeze up when it chooses to lol. I have to buy a netbook soon.

-Rob Hamilton

buying a netbook

so, lately my computer has been slower than ever and crashing like no tomorrow. Iv been stopping at bestbuy whenever i go out christmas shopping and i really think i am going to pick up a gateway lt2032u. It has really good reviews and i am familiar with gateways and windows 7. i think the most appealing thing about it is how it has the longest battery life out of all the netbooks in the store at 7.5 hours, almost double the others. It also has a 250gb hard drive, im still not too sure as to how much that will benefit me since it wont be used to hold my documents but is it good to have more from what i understand. the built in web cam and other cool little things wil lbe nice to have even if i dont plan on using them much. i can pick one up for under 350 wich makes it a pretty good deal in my eyes. if prices drop after the new year i definitely will.

-Rob Hamilton

Tiger Woods

Who cares what tiger woods does, short of you being the person he is married to or one of the people directly related to the affects of his actions why would you care. Everyone knows it is bad to cheat but why does everyone in the world have to know about one mans personal life and decisions. IDK so stop telling me whats going on yahoo news.

-Rob Hamilton

this weather sucks

What is the deal with all this rain? It is comming up on late december and all i have seen is a bunch of rain. Where is the snow, it seems like it has been way below freezing many times. The worst part about this weather has to be the wind, oh man does it make it harder to walk around campus, it always seems like there is more wind in stony brook than middle island. I hope it snows for christmas, its been many years since something like that has happened but it would be nice.

-Rob Hamilton

my build

After a year of prepping my car i am unable to get a few of the key parts that i really wanted for the engine swap i have been planning. i origninally wanted to heavily document the engine build but now i am stuck between a rock and a hard place. this poor economy and the high dollar parts i wanted have caused a couple performance parts companies to go out of business. i really have to decide if i am going to stick with my 2jzgte/r154 swap into my s14 chassis or if i am going to do a srt-10 viper motor with t56/tr6060 setup. Does everythining in life come down to time or money?

-Rob Hamilton

Monkey Town

I dont know about you but i think monkey town was awesome. The ride in was hilarious, just cracking jokes with mike and ali was enough to make the drive to brooklyn, and oh was that a mess trying to figure out if it was worth it to drive my truck and who would be comming. From hopping curbs to lane checking and being lane checked it is always a different kind of driving experience. Once we finally found monkey town we were an hour early and i think the first people to show up so we went to take a few pictures of the water a block away. Then off to mcdonalds for some dollar menu goodness and the dollar store for zebra cakes (zebra cakes are amazing lol). Once alex called me we headed back to monkey town and thats where the good times began. Walking into the back room and sitting on a couch was so chill. The couoches were really comfortable and put at the perfect angle to look at the screens. Although my computer was crashed for weeks prior i only had a chance to put together a short movie but i though everyone elses work was awesome, my favorite and i think most everyones favorite was the guy with the evil clown face, i think his name is mike, it was pretty cool and interesting. After eating my first bacon, egg, and cheese burger and drinking a beer i didnt get any better. The whole time me ali, mike, and alex were laughing it up and having a good time. I think i was the last to leave monkey town to start the drive home. That was another hilarious time in itself. I will deffinitely be callling those 3 guys again to hangout sometime soon. Monkey town was awesome and my suit was a hit too.

-Rob Hamilton

Monday, December 14, 2009

Ukulele BOY Im yours

so in love with this video!!!

talented little kid!


Taking part in the midnight scream is actually very relaxing. You can just scream all your stress away!!

There's 11 days until Christmas and it doesn't even fee like it yet. It doesn't even feel like winter, for most days. Maybe once I go home and start to settle in, I'll feel the real effects of the holidays. This vacation is going to be dedicated to working, working, visiting friends, working, volunteer work, and more working. It is going to be one long winter vacation! I'm kind of dreading next semester because I have an overload of business classes, it is RIDICULOUS!



So here are facts about that use the number 100...ENJOY

-Wolves are capable of covering over 100 miles in a single day.
-100 is the sum of the first nine prime numbers, as well as the sum of two prime numbers (47 + 53), and the sum of the cubes of the first four integers (100 = 1^3 + 2^3 + 3^3 + 4^3). Also, 2^6 + 6^2 = 100
-On average, 100 people choke to death on ball-point pens every year.
-Every year, 100 men are diagnosed with breast cancer
-In 2001 Death Valley saw a record of 153 consecutive days with daytime high temperatures above 100 degrees. Somehow, that same year the National Park had 1,064,784 visitors.

Midnight Scream

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...jk its not midnight yet..but this is a tradition for residents and students on campus to scream during midnight on finals week to release their frustration and anger on Stony Brook and the much as they want to burn their chemistry textbooks and shred their notebooks..they need to take these stupid finals and scream it upp kids..this is your only chance to make noises and scream during finals week since all residence halls are 24 hour quiet...YUPPPPP 24 HOUR QUIETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

One moreeee

Just took 2 finals today..not that bad..but not the grades that i was hoping for..i am praying for hte best and hoping that my professors waive some of the questions and curve the tests...i am just estatic that my finance class is was helllllllllllllllllllllllllllll..i have never hated something so much more in my life than financeeee..oh god and my professor cant even pronounce the name right and its his profession...geezz...hopefully i can pull that A in this class and the curve is big enough to boost me from my what is now B average to an A..fingers crosseddd.


GRRR i have loads and loads of laundry to seems like its never ending...yay to my life and laundry

I wish it was the other way aroundddd

If you want to burn more calories, scientists have a not-so-surprising solution: switch off the TV.

A new study, based on a small sample, finds that while adults who reduce their television watching still eat about the same calorie-wise, they expend more energy than those who don't cut back on tube-time.

The average adult watches almost five hours of TV per day, the authors say. Some efforts to prevent and reduce obesity have focused on modifying diet and physical activity, but newer strategies have involved reducing sedentary behaviors, such as TV watching. Not only could reducing stints in front of the tube allow time for more active endeavors, it may also help alleviate chronic sleep deprivation, potentially linked to obesity.

To investigate the impact of less TV, the researchers monitored daily TV time for 36 adults who reported watching at least three hours of TV per day and had a body mass index (BMI) between 25 and 50. BMI is an approximation of how much body fat a person has based on height and weight. A person with a BMI over 30 is considered obese.

Then during another three-week stint, a randomly chosen group of 20 of the participants received an electronic device that shut off the TV after they had reached a weekly limit of 50 percent of their previously measured TV-viewing time. The remaining 16 participants served as a control group. An armband device measured all participants' physical activity.

Those with the lock-out systems burned 119 more calories per day during the three-week period than during the observation period. In comparison, the control group burned 95 fewer calories per day.

The group also burned more calories than they consumed. On the other hand, the control group ate slightly more calories than they burned, although the researchers note that this finding was not statistically significant, meaning it could be due to chance.

While the calorie differences may seem small, they could have an effect on weight over time, the researchers say. "It has been estimated that combined increases in energy expenditure and decreases in energy intake equaling only 100 calories per day could prevent the gradual weight gain observed in most of the population," the researchers write in their report, published in the Dec. 14 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine, a journal of the American Medical Association.

Small changes in behavior may be a more sustainable approach to address the obesity epidemic, they add.

Previous research with children has found that less screen time reduces calories consumed but do not increase calories burned, producing a similar change in energy balance but through a different mechanism, the authors note. "This suggests that adults may differ from children in how they respond to reductions in sedentary behaviors," they conclude.

Watching TV has also been linked to other negative consequences, such as unhappiness and learning lags in infants.

The current study was conducted by Jennifer J. Otten, then of the University of Vermont, Burlington, and now of Stanford University School of Medicine, Palo Alto, Calif., and her colleagues.


Here is a poem my friend wrote...its an inside joke so if you dont get dont feel left out or offended...

Ode to My Leggings

You may not be spandex, you make not be cotton,
but jean after jean you cannot be forgotten.
I know that Will hates you, Mehdi does too,
but Amie and I refuse to wash and dry you.
You're strechy and comfy and YES you are a PANT,
the boys just want to wear you, but cant
Don't worry, you'r...e just too much for them to handle,
but I promise you, one day, i'll destroy the "MANdal".

The end.

Maximum Ride

Did anyone ever read James Patterson's Maximum Ride series? I am reading the first book and it is good

The end

The end is here
I do not fear
Only content can be read
And no tears will be shed
This is the end
This is the very end

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thank you very much

So this part weekend, I finally went out and bought myself a proper winter coat, given the freezing (literally) temperatures at Stony Brook. I arrive back on campus, and the next few days appear to be slated for 50 plus. Thank you very much Mother Nature. Really.

- Kenneth

World of Today

Welcome to the world of today. The World of tomorrow will happen in less than 24 hours.

Monkeytown Final Project

monkeytown 12/12/2009. final project.

Eye Candy

- Kenneth

Eye Candy

- Kenneth

monkeytown. video

video to show all 4 walls of projection screens!

live performance at MONKEY TOWN

On the Way to Monkey town)

Beautiful views of Manhattan from Brooklyn)
Ali is gonna love the top one:)

Eye Candy

- Kenneth

SB goes to monkeytown videos part 2 -my eyecandy

This video shows the event room with all four walls having a projection screen...

Eye Candy

- Kenneth

SB at MONKEY TOWN video clips

sitting in the event room with the projection screen behind us.

setting up the event...


more pics...


so more pics.


here are some pictures from STONY BROOK GOES TO MONKEY! on SATURDAY DECEMBER 12th!

it was an interesting afternoon....and a great experience!,... thanks professssssorrrrrr.

Running of the Santas!

Final Project

Kat can correct me if I'm wrong, but we never actually named this thing. Here's our final project. Who knew video editing was so intensive?

- Kenneth

Final Project..

So my project was in the wrong file format.. so i fixed it and i hope you liked it.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Attention all monkeys

I just left your town and it's crazy.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Long Island Railroad

Tomorrow I take the Long Island Railroad into the city. I hope it's on time.

stressed and sick wanting to graduate.

School is coming down to the end. all semester we been getting our work done and trying so hard to get good grades. It seems

like everytime i have a big test coming up and a shit load of art work to do i get sick!! which makes everything so much harder!!

why does school always get me sick!! ahh..

seems like school is the root to all my worries and struggles. i just want to graduate out of stony brook and move on. but they

are giving me hard time about two studio art classes. I only need two more to graduate and i busted my ass this semester trying

to get these classes. and now their saying THR 480 cannot be counted as a ARS class. WHy isnt this class considered an art class ?

can someone please explain? this school is pissing me off!


Can someone please tell me why it is so cold outside?
I know it's December but where is the warm weather? I miss spring. I miss summer and I kinda miss the fall. I really hope tomorrow is not as cold as today. I am going to be dying in the cold because after Monkey Town, I was going to check out the tree at Rockerfeller Center and go shopping! I guess it's time to bundle up. Layers and layers of clothing, gloves and my scarf. Too bad I don't have any ear muffs!

I'm actually pretty excited to go to Monkey Town tomorrow to see what this place is all about. Professor has been hyping it up so much. This should be exciting tomorrow. New place that I haven't been to!

Creative mood...

just a mix of total randomness?

arch way 2 @ nyc

arch ways

merge into...

Lights no sound

Person 3

Mural @ Peruvian resturant Pio Pio

beautiful visuals on wall

dark / color circles

birthday party @ mystery location

Person 2