Monday, November 30, 2009

the greatest guilty pleasure in life

is bridezillas! and karen is the best of all of them!

imagine being so delusional that you lived your life like this? incredible.

Eye Candy

- Kenneth

Music Monday

In the spirit of Twitter, I present Music Mondays:

For those of you who tweet, there are some days with specific themes, such as #MusicMonday or #FollowFriday

This monday, I bring this:

Drake - Forever (Steve Aoki Remix)

"Steve Aoki seems to be working really hard lately. At least if you're following him on twitter, you know he's been talking about new remixes all the time. One of the newests is for Kid Cudi's Pursuit of Happiness, song wich is also having the video produced by Josh Hartnett and directed by Brody Baker (same who directed Animal Collective's My Girls). Another remix that just leaked is for Forever, one of the most awaited Drake's songs that features Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem. Also, If for some reason you've never listened or saw the video of Travis Baker drumming over it, you should do it right now. And even being kind of disappointed with Aoki's last works, we still want to hear what he's preparing for the next year. So far we can wait for collaborations with Armand Van Helden, Boys Noize, The Faint, Bob Rifo - for the already commented project Rifoki - and a new volume of the mix album Pillowface And His Airplane Chronicles."

- Kenneth

eyecandy crash

Eye Candy

- Kenneth

Work Piling

I feel like all I do is worry about homework, work, buying really all I do is worry about everything, because it is all in my face and I'm completely harassed. I cannot wait until this semester is over because I have plenty of fun events to attend, and being able to breathe with no Winter semester will be wonderful. I still need to look for internships but all of my good friends will be home, and I shall be a happy camper.

Texture Vid Grease

Worst Day ever!

This morning I was on my way to class when I couldn't find my wallet. After that I went to my friends car where I thought I may have dropped it, and it was in the South P Lot so travel was annoying, and every time I tried to get into my building I had to wait in the cold and the rain. I was running back and forth with my friends keys, he had to pay for my lunch and it was an awful, awful day!!!!!

Texture 1

pink eyecandy


central park

I went into the city the other day to see the Georgia O'Keefe abstraction exhibit which I recommend every one to go see. It was really amazing. I decieded to walk through central park which I had never done before and I stopped and took these pictures.



Some of my textures

Car trouble

My car has a broken windshield wiper so now every time it rains I have to use a car that was recalled. Ain't life dangerous?

Tubular Concepts

Not a Fan

I hate when the weather is like this...rain should not be one of the options for a weather forecast. I hate when it rains. It ruins my mood and affects everyone else's mood. We all get kinda tired and mopey and lazy..its not productive at all and on top of that everything gets wet and starts to smell bad and i get residents who complain to me about leaks and puddles and other obscene things that they cant seem to fix themselves because all RAs are heroes. My shoes are hair is wet..they should invent something other than an umbrella that protects your shoes from getting a bubble or just kidding if anyone of you thought i was serious..but honestly..the rain. IT SUCKS. come on snow and sunn!

computer problems

I was wondering if anyone can tell me why I am unable to access my add or remove programs feature on my PC. I go to the start menu, click control panel, click add or remove programs, then my computer pretends to be loading something for about 30 seconds, and then.... nothing. Nothing happens.. It just stops trying to load the add or remove programs menu. I could really use some advice on how to tackle this issue.

you jockin me?

That bloke from Oasis said I couldn't play guitar
Somebody shoulda told him I'ma fuckin' rockstar
I'm livin' life as a rocker, I'm like pimp c patna

<3 y do i feel like such a pimp sometimess :))

i am sooo stressed out w schoolwork n trying to get back into the swing of things .. but yet this song always brings a smile to my facee :)) so stop jockin me ;)


Hmmm...i wonder if guys really put on accents to meet girls or just do it for the thrill of it..i know a guy..hes an acquaintance of mine. and everytime i speak with him i hear a faint hint of a british accent, sometimes its really strong, other times you only would notice it in a couple of words that he is saying. now this never really bothered me until one of my male friends commented on the fact that he doesnt have an accent at all, actually he speaks perfectly fine without a foreign accent. i refused to believe this! he told me that he probably puts on an accent when he is around girls. now its kinda really rude to approach him since i am not that close with him and ask him if his accent is in fact authentic or just an act. he works in this office and i just called like a second ago to inquire about the hours of operation and the voicemail answered. it was his voice but with no accent! i dont know what to believe anymore. why live a lie? so wierd. i dont see a point in faking an accent. just be yourself and if that doesnt work oh well youre a loser. jk..but still lying and dishonesty is one of my biggest pet peeves..youre only cheating yourself in the end...`

more eyecandy

my fictional film

here's my fictional piece... i am missing 3 scenes.... but you can still understand the storyline...


This monday I feel especially zombie like. Running on fours hours of sleep and only a single cup of coffee does not do the brain well. I am considering purchasing an additional cup of coffee but feel compelled to save my cash for the bar ( I don't think I have my priorities straight). I am not very good with cash, I don't like it. Cash is rather high maintenance, you have to go to an ATM to get some and if you go to an ATM that is not from your bank plan on spending $4 just to get the money. As soon as you have the cash, it's not like the job is done, no you spend it and then have to get more (its a vicious cycle). Anyway its getting kind of ridiculous.

Eye Candy

- Kenneth

And Crunch Time Begins

And so it begins, the dreaded final weeks of the semester, when time and space seem to disappear, tensions get high, and sleep deprivation runs rabid through the student population. The Christmas season is finally upon us, but the looming finals keep students' minds off of joy and merriment. Soon enough, soon enough.

- Kenneth

More eyecandy


Sunday, November 29, 2009

eye candy green

Renee's Eyecandy

Renee's Eyecandy

some texture for yaa ..



Old Favorite Chistmas Specials

I wonder if I can find any of my old favorite Christmas Specials on hulu? I miss Rudolph.

christmas season!

Now with thanksgiving over.... and black friday...
it is time to get into the christmas spirit!
the other day my family took out the big box of xmas decorations...
my dad put up the lights outside and we decorated the inside...
we pulled out our stockings to hang up..but to our surprise they were all raggy...
so my sister had a great idea of getting new ones and decorating them ourselves making them original and unique instead of just plain red with our names on the top..
we went to the craft store and worked on this project for 3 days!
it was so much fun though. we got glitter pen for the names.. which i wrote all 10 names!
we have a big family and are running out of room to hang them.! ha
but we managed.
we cut and glued cute characters on them made from felt.
we got some stockings with santa, mrs. clause, reindeers, penguins, polarbears, and snowmen.

Super Nintendos' Super mario bros wii

eh.. not so super... i was so excited about this game when it came out that i kept talking about it. I gave it so much hype that when i got home my sister was drawn to buy it for me as a bday gift. I opened it and we played. nothing beats old school super mario bros on the Nintendo. This was fun but we played with all 4 players.. so this is how it goes..
4 players... one scene... its so hard to communicate with each other working as a team when you have bombs flying at you, drybones walking to you, fire balls aiming at you, etc. There was so much yelling and screaming in my house that night. but it got addicting... we played til 1am yesterday.
idk check it out and let me know what you think..
o and we played agian today.. this time we bounced back and forth on dropping players to make it easier to beat a stage with two players rather than all 4.

Renee's Eyecandy

Renee's Eyecandy

Renee's Eyecandy

Renee's Eyecandy

Renee's Eyecandy

Renee's Eyecandy

Renee's Eyecandy

Break rant

This break sucked. I didn't really see a lot of my friends, I was stuck home cleaning out the garage with my dad. I didn't start my homework till this morning and I'm still doing it. Business statistics is legitimately the worst class at SB, don't take it. Anything good that came from this break is gone. I really hope these next two weeks go by fast, because I'm done with schoool...

ughh animation trouble ..

idk why the animation i post looks so shitty..

Some Eye Canddyy

technology these days!

so i needed a book for one of my classes. It was a regular reading novel that i would have to buy in a bookstore. However this year as well as every year i try to get through classes without the book. So i went to the website . This is an online automated library system for nassau county. I did a search for the book i needed, and to my luck it wasnt available at my public library.. but it was in one a couple towns over.. so i clicked it and it asked if i wanted to reserve it?
so i said yes (Monday).. giving my library card number and a pin number on my card and I received a letter of notification in the mail on friday telling me i have a book on reserve at my public library! what a great deal! so i went today to pick it up and no problem at all i got the book for a i can return the book to any nassau public library.!


I based my texture video on cilps of food from Thanksgiving. there were so many different varieties of food that day that I could not pass by all the wonderful textures each one had. I zoomed in and got up close to show confusion on what it really is... and a different/ alt view to what things look like when viewed a certain way.

the colors were great too!

fiction film

I am filming my little sister in my fictional film and i guess i learned the hard way of working with a 10 year old.! they do not listen! she drained my memory in my camera because she had to do so many takes to get it right. Meanwhile my parents are naturals and got it down in one or two takes.
I am almost done with my movie... just tweaking it and making it a finished product to show in monkeytown!!
here is a couple clips of what I had to work with!


Back on campus. It's pretty dead in my suite, no one is back yet but it's still early. I just wonder what I'm going to do with myself for the hours until they come back. I have nothing to do and the sinc site is closed downstairs so I can't go and print out my homework. Maybe I'll read for my eur class and finish up my business plan components. Believe it or not there's only 2 weeks of school left. Right about now I wish I was back at home. It's not that I'm homesick but the reason why I wanted to come back to school really isn't worth it anymore. But hey, I'm here so I can't do anything about it. I think I'm going to start some school work, legitimately!

eye candy: boat

Sketch up Blue


unfortunately the thanksgiving break is overr :(( ughh
we have to go baack to school tomorrow but at least we got some time of rest. i know i used mine wiselyy. got absolutely NONEEE of my schoolwork done (as usual) but i slept my LIFEE away .. i rock climbed .. i ATEE my face off .. and slept some more (as usual) .. so all and all it was a productive vacation :)) hope everyone enjoyed it as much as me. :)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

the mind's true liberation

I drove around for 20 minutes tonight thinking about my life & where I want it to go in the years coming up. I've realized I'm not scared about where it will go overall, but by the time I'm 30 for now. As my best friend, who I have known since i was 5 years old, told me on the phone tonight "you're cursed with having so many interests that it's hard to take one path" in simpler terms and it's true. A few weeks ago I thought I was destined to head down to nashville & work in country music, and now I feel like I'm being pulled towards working in musical theatre in some respect, whether it's backstage, onstage, or even as an assistant in the lavatory in a theatre on Broadway. This could be due to the fact that I saw the show Hair for the second time on wednesday night and felt even more connected to it than I did the first time I had the privilege of seeing it, but so it goes.

I can't pinpoint one path to follow right now. I'm scared to go to graduate school & study something that I'll eventually decide I hate, & I feel like I'll never know the truth of my heart. I'm envious of people who know, who just know what they want to do (like my dear friend I mentioned above, who is a dancer) but then again, I like having a chaotic web of different interests, it's made me into the person that I am, & I don't know where I'd be without some of these entangled components.

I think about the two main characters in Hair, Claude & Berger, two extremely different people who in many ways have the same mindsets I keep going back & forth between: Claude being conflicted between doing the logical & living the life that Berger wants him to desperately follow, whilst Berger looks to what will make his soul experience life to the fullest, freely. As Claude sings at the end of Act I, "Where Do I Go?" - I ask myself the same question.


Alright. It's time to rant because I just saw something that completely ticked me off. So there was a status on facebook, something that is not relevant but the people who commented on that status is very relevant to the reason of my mood. These 2 people that commented on this status used to like me, now not so much because of my actions. The person who had to status is also in the same boat. It's hard to explain if you dont know the whole story but I just feel like ranting. Why is it that everyone is still ganging up on me? Are we seriously still living in the past? What happened to forgive and forget. But anyways, I realized that I don't have the time to care anymore. Why should I care what they say about me behind my back. I shouldn't. It's really not worth my time caring anymore. If they really still wanted to be my friend, they would forgive me and move on!


Drawings by Hanieh Bozorgzadeh

are you kidding me??

My mother just told me I should go make my ex-bf brownies because he's working so hard on upholstering our chairs. Are you kidding me? No one realizes he wants a distraction from homework, and likes to show everyone how fantastic he is at doing everything. VOMIT

Friendship falling

Last night I went to the city for a good bar/clubbing time (like I said before) and I invited my best friend because we usually do everything together when we can. He thought that a lame of an excuse of having to help his mother around the house and do homework (which is very rare)would not out me in a bad mood with him. However today he tells me he's in Penn Station, and I ask if he was doing his christmas shop in the city. He replies no, but instead he's shopping in New Jersey with a good friend (aka hookup guy. I've been so pissed off that he blew me off the night before, but today was completely okay to go to another state to shop and see someone that he usually does see on a regular basis. I need new friends.

The favorite is back

Right now, my weekend situation at home is nothing but unorthodox. My ex-boyfriend still stays here, and my mother never stopped adoring him. He had gone back to his home in Washington state for the holidays and my mother couldn't have been more excited to pick him up from the airport. Since then, she's let pass that I actually made dinner, tonight, was responsible for cleaning the dishes, and even when we were wrestling like we always do, she takes his side. After that she decided to criticize me on the less than perfect clean up job I did after dinner, and put in my face that he's much more useful around the house. I need to move out...

On the Town

Last night a couple of my friends and I decided to bar hop in the city. It was quite a night to say the least, and all three of us got male and female attention, so that's always amusing. Unfortunately I'm a horrible light weight and wound up getting sick. I wouldn't say it was the worst hangover in the world, but it does make me think one drink will have to suffice. I think the other reason the pain didn't feel as bad as it might have, is because I got to meet a bunch of new people, and found that bartenders are very, very cool.

CItyyyy <3

memoriess never fade .. but the bruises EVENTUALLY do ..

City love

How much do i love the city ..
I love how u can look down the street and see people from every different walk of life .. u can see people who live alone people trying to make it in the world people who have made it .. people who need help and others who offer it .. people who are so sure of who they are and others who have no idea where life will lead them . i fall into the later. I have no idea where life is going to lead me where im going to live in the future who im going to be with what i will do with all that i've learned.. i have no idea but i know that i'm willing to see where life leads me. And this past weekend it just so happened to be the city.. scavenger hunt to be more precise :)
- i love the city and running around it for a day looking for special areas with girls i absolutely love really showed me how alive the city is. teeming with people who know so much and others who know so little.. excitement and adventure is all that is ahead of us <3

texture video 5


Yesterday was Black Friday. First black friday where I actually went shopping, kind of. I went to the Deer Park Tangers for Midnight Madness and I was surprised how many people were actually there. The lines in all the stores were LONG which made me not want to buy anything. I got back home around 3AM then went straight to bed.

Instead of getting up early to do more shopping, I went out to New Jersey to go celebrate my little cousins birthday. He turned 6 yesterday. For a 6 year old, he sure gets a lot of cool presents. He opened one of his presents and they were NIGHT VISION GOGGLES! I don't know about you but HOLYCROW! A 6 year old with night vision goggles? What is he going to do with them? He got money, picture frames for his new room, night vision goggles, toys, and a scooter thing. He is one spoiled 6 year old.

But that was my Black Friday day. Eventful and I finished my sociology paper. Now I have a few days to relax before I go back to school and get more school work!

Black Friday

I have never done real black friday shopping and it's always been something I couldn't understand, that race for the good deals that with all the craziness takes people's lives away. What happened last year was a shock and when i wanted to do some black friday shopping this year my mom ordered me not to do so. I was actually planning on waking up at 4 am to get the best deals... and filming the crowds rushing into the stores would have been so much fun too:) But none of my friends wanted to drive me that early so we simply ended up Mall Shopping later on in the afternoon. What can I say..very few bargains...

Friday, November 27, 2009


I love this new song by Chris Brown and i thought it would be nice to share it with all you fellow bloggers :D Everyone is giving Chris Brown a lot of heat for the incident that occurred with Rihanna a few months back but he is still making good music so here is Crawl by him... <3 loveeee

Everybody sees it's you
I'm the one that lost the view
Everybody says we're through
I hope you havn't said it too

So where do we go from here
With all this fear in our eyes
And where can love take us now
And we've been so far down
We can still touch the sky

If we crawl
'till we can walk again
And we'll run
Until we're strong enough to jump
And we'll fly
Until there is no end
So let's crawl...crawl....crawl
Back to love
Back to love

Why did I change the pace
Hearts were never meant to race
Always felt the need for space
And now I can't reach your face

So where are you standing now
Are you in the crowd of my voice
Love can't you see my hand
Chris Brown Crawl lyrics found on
Lend me one more chance
We can still have it all

So we'll crawl
Till we can walk around
And we'll run
Until we're strong enough to jump
Then we'll fly
Until there is no end
So let's crawl....crawl....crawl
Back to love
Back to love

Everybody sees it's you
Well I never wanna lose that view

So we'll crawl
Till we can walk again
Then we'll run
Until we're strong enough to jump
Then we'll fly
Until there is no end
So let's crawl....crawl...(crawl)

So we'll crawl
Till we can walk again
Then we'll run
Until we're strong enough to jump
Then we'll fly
Until there is no end
So let's crawl....crawl...(crawl)

Back to love....


Okay so i am going have to admit to something and this is really hard for me...okay here goes nothing world..i have a shopping addiction. yes i said it..i am a shopping addict. today is black friday and i am better than those people that stay up and camp out in order to get the best sales on electronics and the biggest televisions and computers or thank youuu..i am not that crazy...yet. lol but i didnt even use that many sales today or shop in areas that had deals...i just did my regular shopping and disregarded the sales...i must have bought so many items that i know that i did not need but i have this power and a feeeling of accomplishment when i make a feels im alive...right now i am looking at my bags and i know that i could have put back so many of these items but something tells me that i am going to need them...oh well..its already been purchasd..i have been recently living on the idea that since i have a job and a paycheck..that the money will replenish itself and i wouldnt have to worry about it so yay shoppinggg...also it gives me time to bond with my sister...its funny because we both like the same things and we are the same you wiiill see us at a store fighting for the same thing...attacking the clothing rack for that shirt or pants in our size...its not a pretty picure..but thatst he fun in it all..

Ive Lost It

I have no idea what has been going on with me lately but i have been losing my temper a lot and kinda really emotional. I feel horrible for the people that are around me and that cant really do anything but put up with it. I feel like the worlds best nagging girlfriend. I have been so irritable lately and just plain frustrated and i cant even attribute this emotion of frustration to stress from school work or anything that is work work load is pretty light so i am not stressed about that at all..i honestly have no idea what is going on..ive completely lost it...usually i am this happy go lucky girl who always no matter how bad my day may be going will always have a smile on my face and the slightest things would cheer me one of my friends smiling or the bright colors on the leaves outside or dancers in the atrium showcasing their talent..just the small gifts of life..but lately i have been so frustrated with everything and i have lost patience for almost everything...ive been throwing tantrums and cant explain it...mostly ive been frustrated with myself because these things are bothering me and i know its not mee...hopefully its the weather or something

Had Turkey Yesterday

Had Turkey yesterday. All I could eat. Let's face it on Thanksgiving I just eat.


Hope everyone got their shop on!! I shopped till i dropped!!! got so much done <3 hope everyone got their lazy butts up and got some great deals todayy <3

More eyecandy

Another piece of eyecandy


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Great Dinner with great people

Today is the evening of the year that always stands out. That's how it is in this country. Thanksgiving dinner is a big deal and I really enjoy everything about it. Getting together with the people who love you and who you love back... Talking a lot and enjoying delicious homemade food. Especially a turkey that just came out of the oven.
Isn't that enough for happiness? I would say yes. Great time in a great conversation with great people and great delicious food. Who could ask for more?

Oh Turkey Day

I have to admit...i love this time of the year...its the time for giving thanks and really appreciating what life has to offer and what matters the most and i have to say that would be my family and friends...nothing is better than just sitting around and having a good meal and just slowing down life to talk about the little nonsenses and share stories about anything and everything...

yesterday was my thanksgiving dinner with my friends from home...our group is called letter for each of our names...we all have been planning this for the longest time and this is our 3rd annual thanksgiving dinner together..its all started our freshman year of college when we realized how important we are to each other...we each had to bring a dish..something preferably from our different ethinic cultures...we are chinese, jamaican, venzuelan, colombian, irish, russian, italian, and was an awesome time, just eating and catching up and sharing embarassing stories of each other of when we were younger which did not need to happenn...yes i am being bitter here was like college and distance didnt affect us and it was just us and the world again...

today was thanksgiving dinner at my house was packed with loved ones and to the point were if i moved i would have smacked someone in the face...which is pretty funny because my aunt spilled her foood after she made fun of me for being so clumsyyy...haaa! i jsut love the holidays...everyone is jsut happy cheery and we are all there for one reason....FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD

more textures...

Happpy Turkey Day

Turkeyyyyy dayyY!!! all the fam is coming over gunna eat my face off aand enjoy the company of all my familyy <3 hope everone does the same and enjoys all the things in the world they are thankful for <3

Glee continued.

This week on glee, and with glee drama, competing schools for the sectional title emerge with their own steam. "Hairography" was a big theme this week, which Eve (special star) uses heavily with her girls to distract from their mediocre voices and messy and sexual dance moves. Will, always affected by everything around him, not being able to identify himself as a very clear artist, decides to use their strategies with his kids. It does not fit, and he always goes back to sweet, classical and always works out the best. Sue is back to her antics and helping the others cheat off of Schu kids. Who will win sectionals???? We'll find out soon enough!

Glee this week

This week on glee seemed low key, and very fast pace all at the same time. Quinn decisions to go back and forth to keep the baby was an emotional time for her and Mrs. Schultz. Chris is in the mix of betraying Rachel for a short while at the same time assisting Quinn to get what she wants. Rachel looked hotter than ever after her makeover with Chris (who doesn't like her at all)and got Finn's attention for a short while but she finds out he didn't like her dolled up look. Mr. Schu has some car drama and fixing up, but he realizes that practicality is needed.

homework..not happening

So we my family is going over to an extended part of the family for Thanksgiving much earlier than I thought. hours went by and I still haven't been able to start any work. Shortly after dinner, I have movie plans and tomorrow I have to skate from 10-12, followed by lunch with a bunch of people I haven't seen in awhile, and later on going to the city to a bar/club with some other friends that I haven't seen. I don't know why my teachers loaded up homework this weekend when things like this are bound to happen.


Once again, I was able to sleep and wake up without an alarm clock. I feel really relaxed as of now, but it shouldn't be too long before I start a lot of homework. Reading, writing, researching, and later drowning myself in turkey gravy, just so I can stop doing work caused by comatose.

One Step Closer Donations

donate to our AIDS benefit! It's fast and secure. Even if you can only donate $5 to $10 at this time, please help us to raise the money so that we can hold this event to benefit the AIDS Resource Foundation for Children. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

a giant hersheys kiss?


How do I handle video

How do I handle a video on cancer? I really don't know

texture video 4


What is the best way to start off your morning?
By eating tacobell ! My friend came and stopped by during her break between classes and we went out to tacobell for ... breakfast.

And something strange just happened. My wireless just turned on ...
It's been on the fritz since I got windows 7 and now it works suddenly. I won't jynx it though because it's just going to get my hopes up. Right now I'm using a wireless adaptor thing and it's working fine but the blue light just went off on my laptop signaling that my wireless card in my laptop is working.

This was a really random blog but it's time for me to do some more packing before I go home for Thanksgiving weekend !

Tuesday, November 24, 2009