Friday, December 18, 2009

Question of The Day

This will probably be my last question of the day. It's not a this or that style question though.

What's the value of a hug? what does it mean?

- Kenneth

100th post

My final 100th post. This class was fun, interesting, and eye opening. I hope every one enjoyed my movie and other work. I wish everyone the best of luck on finals and have an awesome winter break. See ya next year! :)

love my car

I don't know how some people can not drive. I would be lost without my car. I don't like public transportation just because you have to wait for it. I have to park in the commuter parking lot and take the express bus and the other day I had to wait for the bus for about 10 min. It was freezing outside and all I wanted was my car. I don't know hoe people do it everyday especially during the winter.

holiday movies

One of my favorite Christmas movies is Elf. They have been playing it over and over on USA network and I watch it every time. Will Farrell is just hysterical, I love all his movies. Another movie I enjoy is The Santa Clause. Although I don't care for Tim Allen, the movie is very cute.


So the only thing I asked for this year from my family is the entire series of True Blood books. It is a pretty nice gift, costs around $50. I figured I am going to need something to keep me busy on the 14 hour plane ride to China.


This year for Christmas presents I decidied to give everyone something really small and wait to get them something nice in China. I think that is okay because I am only a college student, therefore broke, and I would have to get something for everyone in China anyway so why not combined it. Maybe that sounds cheap but I think I really nice gift from China is better than anything I can get here.


I noticed a new weird OCD habit of mine. I can't fall asleep unless all the doors are closed. Any closet door and bedroom door needs to be shut. I don't know why, I guess I like the feeling of being enclosed.