Tuesday, December 15, 2009

buying a netbook

so, lately my computer has been slower than ever and crashing like no tomorrow. Iv been stopping at bestbuy whenever i go out christmas shopping and i really think i am going to pick up a gateway lt2032u. It has really good reviews and i am familiar with gateways and windows 7. i think the most appealing thing about it is how it has the longest battery life out of all the netbooks in the store at 7.5 hours, almost double the others. It also has a 250gb hard drive, im still not too sure as to how much that will benefit me since it wont be used to hold my documents but is it good to have more from what i understand. the built in web cam and other cool little things wil lbe nice to have even if i dont plan on using them much. i can pick one up for under 350 wich makes it a pretty good deal in my eyes. if prices drop after the new year i definitely will.

-Rob Hamilton

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