Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monkey Town

I dont know about you but i think monkey town was awesome. The ride in was hilarious, just cracking jokes with mike and ali was enough to make the drive to brooklyn, and oh was that a mess trying to figure out if it was worth it to drive my truck and who would be comming. From hopping curbs to lane checking and being lane checked it is always a different kind of driving experience. Once we finally found monkey town we were an hour early and i think the first people to show up so we went to take a few pictures of the water a block away. Then off to mcdonalds for some dollar menu goodness and the dollar store for zebra cakes (zebra cakes are amazing lol). Once alex called me we headed back to monkey town and thats where the good times began. Walking into the back room and sitting on a couch was so chill. The couoches were really comfortable and put at the perfect angle to look at the screens. Although my computer was crashed for weeks prior i only had a chance to put together a short movie but i though everyone elses work was awesome, my favorite and i think most everyones favorite was the guy with the evil clown face, i think his name is mike, it was pretty cool and interesting. After eating my first bacon, egg, and cheese burger and drinking a beer i didnt get any better. The whole time me ali, mike, and alex were laughing it up and having a good time. I think i was the last to leave monkey town to start the drive home. That was another hilarious time in itself. I will deffinitely be callling those 3 guys again to hangout sometime soon. Monkey town was awesome and my suit was a hit too.

-Rob Hamilton

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