Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cant Sleep

For a girl like me with a busy would think that I would be asleep right now cause i really dont have any work to do really that needs to be in tomorrow since i did all my work already..but i have been up since 9 this morning...classes back to back with only a 1 hour break and ra meetings up the whoa till 11 and i have been doing work and doing random things since then and i cant bring myself to fall not eyes are not droopey and i feel as if i had more than 8 hours in my system...weird you say?! uhh..yeaaaaa...i am the biggest fan of sleep and i hope this isnt a continuing pattern because me and sleep are like best friends and if i dont sleep tomorrow there is going to be a problemmmmmmm..right now since i was bored and couldnt go to sleep..i did some texture videos of things around my room and my roommates things...shh dont tell her..shes sleeping right now..she is the heaviest sleeper i know and things around my as soon as i export the video it will be up ladies and gentsss..

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