Friday, December 11, 2009

drum and bass!

Drum and bass music was introduced to me by of course Rave culuture. But i never payed that much attention to it in the

beginning of my underground music exploration .My friend was really into it , and i started listening to it more often. Then on my

own i downloaded free podcast on itunes.. and discovered a hole new world. i became Search results
Infatuated with the deep bassline and dancey

rhythms , their was no stoping this feeling i had when listening to it. i still listen to it this day , at this moment. A song called

stars in the dark by random movement . This music is still underground . its very popular in the UK. i would guess the most

known dj from the uk in the us is Chase and Status . I love this music because the bass moves me and it runs through my veins

and i feel it. It makes you want to dance and release all that pent up energy . their are all different kinds of drum and bass . Liquid

drum and bass , more smooth basslines and dreamly vocals , hard style , funky , jungle .. many more.. djs can mix up genres.

i love going to clubs to listen to this music.. people are hyped and dancing up a storm. i have some videos hopefully can

download them soon . Drum and bass fans have this energy flowing through them when they here this music. it comes from

the heart and soul. we are apart of this music and lifestyle because we love it and the bass moves us !

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