Saturday, December 5, 2009

my birthdayy!

so i am now 22. and feeling kind of old. I had a party on my birthdayy and my friends surprised me with gifts and a cake.
unfortunately i drank too much and had to leave my own party.! i was so sick i finally recovered at 3pm the next day... however i was very sleepy.
and had to cancel my reservations to Tao's in the city!
I felt so bad my boyfriend took off to spend the day with me in the city and he instead had to hold my hair back all day. !
Now i have an inflamed esophagus, chest pains, and all that reflux stuff. i was researching and im scared i might have gerd. but after sleeping last night i feel a little better and now hoping this is just temporary!.
Now i have to get myself together and do all this work for my classes!

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