Monday, December 7, 2009

Never Do This

I strongly do not recommend doing this..ever...pulling all is the death of college students..I am so tired right now at work..all I want to do is to take a nap here at this beautiful cubicle on this nice hard surface..i dont care..i just need to rest my eyes..i am sooooo tired...i was in Philly all weekend, probably doing a little too much partying than i should have and came back to the Brook at 4ish only coming back to a shitload of work and meetings and I didnt start my work until 1130pm at night and I had a finance test today...the test that i need to ace in order to get an a for this class or else im screwed and you would never see me again..okay maybe im overreacting and exxagerrating but anyways...stayed up all night studying all the lecture sleep for poor lil meee and tonight I have to edit my fictional film for tomorrows class which means another night of no sleep...oh btw i had class and work and group meetings all day today and then i have fashion show practice later bags under my eyes are gonna hit the floor when im done with this semester...grrr...well cant wait for you to see the final piece to my video..super excited!

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