Wednesday, December 2, 2009

NYS Senate, how could you?

Earlier today, the decision came in from Albany that gay marriage would not be allowed in the State of New York for the time being, effectively the decision becoming "dead" for a year. What gives, New York? I've been born and raised in New York, and grew up thinking that we were different from the parts of the country notorious for their conservatism and inability to move past "the scripture". But now we look just as hateful and close minded as those we continuously complained about. For me, the Senator making the decision for my district, seemingly IN MY NAME, is Kenneth LaValle, the man who our stadium is named after on campus. I couldn't be more disgusted in his decision to vote NO on this decision, and I hope those who feel strongly about this issue will join the movement on Facebook to rename our stadium. I personally cannot allow myself to go into a facility named for a human being who outright allows for blatant inequality. I am so ashamed of New York right now, and I hope this decision will change in the very near future. In the meantime, one of the supporters of the bill can be seen making the logical point as to why gay marriage should be allowed here:

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