Thursday, December 10, 2009

Swimming Class

What is wrong with me? I think I might have failed my 1 credit swimming class. I am a failure. My teacher allows us to miss 3 classes and make up three classes so in total we are allowed to miss 6 classes with 3 makeups and in order to make up a class, we can either go to open swim or one of her yoga classes which is cake...super duper easy..

the only problem is...i am not a morning person and this class is 950 in the goddamn morning. I get really cranky in the morning. I am the hardest person to wake up in the do not want to cross me or get on my bad side when I wake up..

so yea..950..i have missed a total of 8.5 classes...the .5 was for being 20 mins late and i made up 2 classes but my teacher said that as long as I can take the final which is swimming a mile or 72 laps in the pool i would be in good shape for my grade...when i little body and stamina could only handle 42 laps which is pretty impressive for me since i feel like death after 10 laps so i thought that was a great success for me..its kinda a big deal..but she wasnt really counting so i am all good for my final hah lol

today was the last day of class and we were even swimming..she was throwing a party for us and we were all suppose to bring food and eat together like a fam..but guess what..i overslept my alarm friend texted me like 3 times and called 3 times to get me awake and go to class and i overslept..i was mad and fristrated this morning..i cant believe i couldnt hear my alarm clock..i think im developing a sleeping problem..hopefully she doesnt fail me and gives me a pass

everyone cross your fingers for meeeeee

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