Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tiger Woods

Tiger, tiger, tiger. I guess it makes sense to start from the top. First off he got into a car accident (he ran his car into a tree outside his home) because, according to some sources, his wife found out he was cheating and chased him with a golf club which is when he decided to make a run for it and crashed his car in the process. As if getting caught cheating wasn't enough, his voice was recorded during a phone conversation asking one of his "side girls" to delete hiss calls from her phones' history or something or that nature. Then, as luck would have it, all the girls he had affairs with began to pop out, damaging his reputation. One of the girls he had a affair with (this one is funny) came to the public eye because she was upset he was having affairs with some many others (it seems as if she didn't mind he had a wife). Now to take a break from the story, this doesn't upsets me. He cheated, of course it is morally wrong and I wouldn't encourage it, but for someone of his status, it isn't surprising. People cheat all the time, from the number of girls there were it was most likely not a mistake (mistakes happens once) but things like this happens in reltionships all the time, not to say that it is acceptable, just saying it is common.
But what do upsets me is how he is handleing the situation. First off, he was never suppose to crash his car, he sould had stayed home and handled the situation. But i can forgive that but they he goes further. Now his lawyers are paying all these women hush money to keep quiet his affairs. This would seem like the right move to make to protect his image accept for one thing, he already got caught. It just doesn't make sense to pay someone not to speak about something everybody alreay know. we know he cheated, their silence isn't going to change that, I wouldn't paid them a dime out of spite. I would had approached the situation head on and admited what I done and deal with things from there.
But this is the crazest thing he decides to do. So 'it is said' that his 'image' the one that his 'sponsers' need him to reflect is the family man, the one with the wife and child. This image will be no more if his wife divorces him. So his lawyers bribes her to stay with him. In their prenuptial agreement she was only suppose to get 20 million if they were to separate. Now this agreement has changed, now she will recieve 300 million if she stays with him for the time being. This is wild to me. Your wife, the one who you are suppose to love and who is suppose to love you, is willing to stay for money over you. Looks like a golddigger. I know he cheated and broke thier vows but no one should be in a relationship for only money. He is wild for even giving it to her. I wouldn't want my wife to break up with me either but I'm not going to bribe her, if she going to stay I want her to stay because she actually forgives me and wan to work things out.
So the moral of the tale is this, if you are rich and you cheat, you will paid, literally.

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