Friday, December 4, 2009


So you know, I had plans to go see New Moon with my 'best friend' and my roommate today. She doesn't go to Stony Brook, she's from back home. She said she would be out here by 3ish but then I texted her today and she said she's still at the doctors, which she is but then she is going to go out with this kid to drive him so he can get a haircut. Then I was like okay, what time will you be out here by and she was like maybe 5 or 6ish. Then I was like okay I'll ask my roommate. Then I was like well here are the movie times. Then she was like "it doesn't matter. if you don't want to hang its out. tj wanted to hang out later anyways so if you can't its iight." Doesn't that sound like she just BLEW ME OFF? But yeah, just thought I'd share. I still call her my bestfriend. It's surprising.

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