Tuesday, December 1, 2009

100 posts....

To all the bloggers and readers of this fine blog,

This is my 100th post. It's been a lot of fun ranting and raving over random stuff this semester and I hope you enjoyed reading some of it, even though none of you probably read it or will read this. hahah. Ok so, honestly at the beginning of the year I thought it was crazy to think we were going to write 100 posts and talk on this blog. What do you know, it's now nearing the end of the semester and I have 100 blogs. Before this class I have never head of the idea about blogging. Who wants to read about what people write, especially if it's random things going on in our lives. Well, people actually do read this stuff!! From this class I have started a few of my own blogs, just something to keep me occupied and get my mind off of studying and schoolwork. It's actually fun reading about everyone's stuff on this thing. I really enjoyed making animations on sketchup and showing everyone my work, even if it wasn't that great. It's interesting to see what I wrote about in the beginning of the semester, I feel I have definitely become a stronger writer. So, it seems like the perfect idea, this "blogging" thing. I got better with my writing, made some money with google, before I got shutdown, getting my stuff out there for everyone to read and not comment lol, and it's a requirement for the class. Why wouldn't everyone blog? Well, it's almost time for class, so I guess I should get going. But, don't think I'm done with this blog since I have my 100 posts, I'm going to keep with this thing for a while....


Michael Dellasperanza

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