Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Men pt 2

Are all men dogs? The answer to that question is no. I know girls must had heard the tale before but I'm going to tell it again. Most guys don't start off as one. Whta happens is that the guy was once a boy and as a boy he loved his mom and made a vow to himself never to dog girls. He saw how guys cheated and hurt girls and the boy just didn't want to be that kind of guy. So the boy grows up and finds himself in a relationship. For whatever reason the relationship don't work out because he is betrayed by the girl.Now this could be for a number of reasons, the girl could had cheated, used him for her own gain, put him in the friend zone then got in a relationship with him for attention only to dump him when a boy she likes better comes along, find out she was a lesbian (LOL), decided she wasn't ready for a serious relationship just yet, got back with her ex, or simply got tired or bored with the boy. So the boy's heart is broken but above all he is confused. He was the perfect boyfriend yet he wasn't good enough for some reason. He plea and beg for the girl to get back with him or at least understand only for the girl to blow him off (some girls let the boy down more lightly than others). The boy comes to terms with this only for something else to happen. He finds out the girl he loved got with the 'bad boy'. The bad boy either cheats on her, hits her, verbally abuse her, flirt with her friends, or just take the girl for granted. For whatever reason the girl is ready to forgive him or still wants the bad boy after his wrongs. The boy is once again confused. He would never do those things to her yet she wants the bad boy. So the boys' heart turn cold, he see the same pattern in every girl he meets after that, and decide he will never go through that again. So he himself turn into the 'bad boy' determine never to give all himself again to a girl only to be tossed to the side again. So the boy continues to grow with his heart cold, in every girl he see the same pattern which reminds him of the pain of his first love, and so in time he becomes what girls like to call em 'dogs'.

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