Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Men pt 3

Now to continue my answer to the question: Are all men dogs? If you read the story you will know that it is common but not always the case. Sometimes all guys really do want is sex. It has been built into some guys minds that they have to reach a certain quarter before they settle down. Then there are guys who, just like sex, plain and simple. Then there are those who got hurt and have trust issues. Then there are those who just want their cake and eat it to, they want the girlfriend and other girls. But there are good guys out there who want nothing more than to be faithful. The problem with them is that sometimes they end up in the friend zone, which means that the girl isn't attracted to him for whatever reason and therefore she is willing to pass on this good guy. Then sometimes girl say "he's cool, but what is wrong with him. something must be wrong with him. if there wasn't anything wrong with him he would have a guy". Once again the girl pass up on the guy. Then sometimes girls aren't yet ready for the serious relationship and pushes the good guy away, so she can play the fleid longer. For whatever reason there is always a problem with the good guy but they are out there just seems like girls are more attracted to 'dogs' which sounds like a personal problam if you ask me.

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