Monday, December 7, 2009

Secret Santa

I love secret santa! Dont ask me why but there is a lot of fun and excitement trying to figure out who has you for the holidays and who has who and trying to put the puzzle together. Whats fun is the mind games people play and once you think you have the list and everything figured out, come Christmas and the suspense is there to see who has who and who gave who what. I love secret santa. I love gift giving. I spend a lot of time and effort in thinking about the best gift to give someone, anticipating to see their face and eyes beam when they open the most perfect gift. Its amazing to feel everyone's energy and excitement on the day of exchanging gifts..I just love love love it. Theres no other way of expressing how I feel. I cant wait for my secret santa to open up his/her gift..I am doing 3 secret santas this year with three different groups of friends..i might be doing one more but we shall seeeeeeee...yay holidays

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