Monday, December 7, 2009

Philly <3

This weekend was absolutely awesome and memorable and definitely what I needed to start heading into finals week. I am already feeling the pressure to finish all of my work and be ready for exams and final projects. A weekend with my friends and new ones is just what I needed to stay sane. It was an great weekend. We cooked food, had good sleep, went to one of my best friend, Marina's acapella concert, stayed at Temple University and Drexel University and meeting a new people. It was definitely an experience and I can not wait to go back in the future. I feel like I already belong there and in the matter of 2 days I met some really interesting individuals. I know that my friends are being taken care of in Philly and I dont have to worry about anything...but now that I am back...its off to studying and meetings and practices and responsibilitiesss...guess the dream and life was short lived...back to reality

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