Monday, December 7, 2009

So busy today

I'm so busy today that I don't even have time to eat. Today I had to go to French Class from 10:40 till 12:50 which mean I had to get up at eight so i could wash and do homework. After class I had to get some last minute shots for my film. Then I had class from 2:20 til 3:15. After which I got some more shots for my film. Saw a small opening in my day to get some blogs done which is what i am doing at the present moment. Then after this i got writing class from 5:20 til 6:40 then another class from 6:50 till 8:40. After that I have to finish a 10 page paper due on tuesday, the rest of these blogs and the film which is due on tuesday. So my day is finish, I'm not even sure if I will see the bed tonite.

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