Monday, December 7, 2009


lol..I text so much it is really beginnin 2 mess up da way i write. this don't happen 2 me when i am writing papers but wen i write on da blog i can see how crazy the way i write can seem. textin is cool tho. u can text some 1 all day, hav a full relationship with em n only hav to meet em once (to exchange #'s). textin has become so popular people seem to hav become afraid to talk on da phone. how carzy it must had been for people 15 years back to only have a beeper. the way people communicated back then were more personal. textin probably destroy dat personal relationship people had for one another for communication with hundreds of people. textin has becom a language of its own. words a spelled incorrect and numbers used to replace words to save time. now textin reflect many people now days, lazy yet always busy tryin to save time.

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