Saturday, November 28, 2009

City love

How much do i love the city ..
I love how u can look down the street and see people from every different walk of life .. u can see people who live alone people trying to make it in the world people who have made it .. people who need help and others who offer it .. people who are so sure of who they are and others who have no idea where life will lead them . i fall into the later. I have no idea where life is going to lead me where im going to live in the future who im going to be with what i will do with all that i've learned.. i have no idea but i know that i'm willing to see where life leads me. And this past weekend it just so happened to be the city.. scavenger hunt to be more precise :)
- i love the city and running around it for a day looking for special areas with girls i absolutely love really showed me how alive the city is. teeming with people who know so much and others who know so little.. excitement and adventure is all that is ahead of us <3

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