Sunday, November 29, 2009

technology these days!

so i needed a book for one of my classes. It was a regular reading novel that i would have to buy in a bookstore. However this year as well as every year i try to get through classes without the book. So i went to the website . This is an online automated library system for nassau county. I did a search for the book i needed, and to my luck it wasnt available at my public library.. but it was in one a couple towns over.. so i clicked it and it asked if i wanted to reserve it?
so i said yes (Monday).. giving my library card number and a pin number on my card and I received a letter of notification in the mail on friday telling me i have a book on reserve at my public library! what a great deal! so i went today to pick it up and no problem at all i got the book for a i can return the book to any nassau public library.!

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