Monday, November 30, 2009


Hmmm...i wonder if guys really put on accents to meet girls or just do it for the thrill of it..i know a guy..hes an acquaintance of mine. and everytime i speak with him i hear a faint hint of a british accent, sometimes its really strong, other times you only would notice it in a couple of words that he is saying. now this never really bothered me until one of my male friends commented on the fact that he doesnt have an accent at all, actually he speaks perfectly fine without a foreign accent. i refused to believe this! he told me that he probably puts on an accent when he is around girls. now its kinda really rude to approach him since i am not that close with him and ask him if his accent is in fact authentic or just an act. he works in this office and i just called like a second ago to inquire about the hours of operation and the voicemail answered. it was his voice but with no accent! i dont know what to believe anymore. why live a lie? so wierd. i dont see a point in faking an accent. just be yourself and if that doesnt work oh well youre a loser. jk..but still lying and dishonesty is one of my biggest pet peeves..youre only cheating yourself in the end...`

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