Sunday, November 29, 2009

christmas season!

Now with thanksgiving over.... and black friday...
it is time to get into the christmas spirit!
the other day my family took out the big box of xmas decorations...
my dad put up the lights outside and we decorated the inside...
we pulled out our stockings to hang up..but to our surprise they were all raggy...
so my sister had a great idea of getting new ones and decorating them ourselves making them original and unique instead of just plain red with our names on the top..
we went to the craft store and worked on this project for 3 days!
it was so much fun though. we got glitter pen for the names.. which i wrote all 10 names!
we have a big family and are running out of room to hang them.! ha
but we managed.
we cut and glued cute characters on them made from felt.
we got some stockings with santa, mrs. clause, reindeers, penguins, polarbears, and snowmen.

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