Friday, November 27, 2009


Okay so i am going have to admit to something and this is really hard for me...okay here goes nothing world..i have a shopping addiction. yes i said it..i am a shopping addict. today is black friday and i am better than those people that stay up and camp out in order to get the best sales on electronics and the biggest televisions and computers or thank youuu..i am not that crazy...yet. lol but i didnt even use that many sales today or shop in areas that had deals...i just did my regular shopping and disregarded the sales...i must have bought so many items that i know that i did not need but i have this power and a feeeling of accomplishment when i make a feels im alive...right now i am looking at my bags and i know that i could have put back so many of these items but something tells me that i am going to need them...oh well..its already been purchasd..i have been recently living on the idea that since i have a job and a paycheck..that the money will replenish itself and i wouldnt have to worry about it so yay shoppinggg...also it gives me time to bond with my sister...its funny because we both like the same things and we are the same you wiiill see us at a store fighting for the same thing...attacking the clothing rack for that shirt or pants in our size...its not a pretty picure..but thatst he fun in it all..

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