Friday, November 27, 2009

Ive Lost It

I have no idea what has been going on with me lately but i have been losing my temper a lot and kinda really emotional. I feel horrible for the people that are around me and that cant really do anything but put up with it. I feel like the worlds best nagging girlfriend. I have been so irritable lately and just plain frustrated and i cant even attribute this emotion of frustration to stress from school work or anything that is work work load is pretty light so i am not stressed about that at all..i honestly have no idea what is going on..ive completely lost it...usually i am this happy go lucky girl who always no matter how bad my day may be going will always have a smile on my face and the slightest things would cheer me one of my friends smiling or the bright colors on the leaves outside or dancers in the atrium showcasing their talent..just the small gifts of life..but lately i have been so frustrated with everything and i have lost patience for almost everything...ive been throwing tantrums and cant explain it...mostly ive been frustrated with myself because these things are bothering me and i know its not mee...hopefully its the weather or something

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