Thursday, November 26, 2009

Oh Turkey Day

I have to admit...i love this time of the year...its the time for giving thanks and really appreciating what life has to offer and what matters the most and i have to say that would be my family and friends...nothing is better than just sitting around and having a good meal and just slowing down life to talk about the little nonsenses and share stories about anything and everything...

yesterday was my thanksgiving dinner with my friends from home...our group is called letter for each of our names...we all have been planning this for the longest time and this is our 3rd annual thanksgiving dinner together..its all started our freshman year of college when we realized how important we are to each other...we each had to bring a dish..something preferably from our different ethinic cultures...we are chinese, jamaican, venzuelan, colombian, irish, russian, italian, and was an awesome time, just eating and catching up and sharing embarassing stories of each other of when we were younger which did not need to happenn...yes i am being bitter here was like college and distance didnt affect us and it was just us and the world again...

today was thanksgiving dinner at my house was packed with loved ones and to the point were if i moved i would have smacked someone in the face...which is pretty funny because my aunt spilled her foood after she made fun of me for being so clumsyyy...haaa! i jsut love the holidays...everyone is jsut happy cheery and we are all there for one reason....FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD

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