Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Darkness in stimson

So about two weeks ago a blackout happen from out of no where. Now this blackout only happened in roselvelt quad, the rest of the campus was just full with energy. At first it wasn't bad, could even say it was fun, but then after a while it got annoying. It really was pitch black and there were a couple of lights on by backups but of course they began to dim and dim until they too was gone. The power was off for about four hours then the lights came back on. So the next day I go to class, at seven at night after I get out of class I walk back to my room. While walking to my building i say to myself "It look really dark there" and of course I was right, the power went out again. In like three of the buildings I heard that people got stuck in the elevators. fire department had to come get them out in the dark. Took some hours before they got out. Unlike the night before the power this time was out all night. The power didn't come back on until like 10 hours later but then it was about five or so in the mourning. No work got done that day. The nonsense just don't stop on this campus, the whole thing was annoying.

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