Monday, November 23, 2009

Guest Blogger: Alisha D'Andrea

Hi guys, Amie is at work right now and just so happened to leave her blog on the computer screen which we walked away from. Silly Amie, doesn't she know that I can not be trusted around personal items :) I'm just kidding. By the way my name is Alisha, just another student at Stony Brook University who is also a media arts minor and someone extremely familiar with Professor Baldwin and his abstract teaching style. Blogging was never my forte but I feel that since Amie is super stressed about getting her work done before Thanksgiving break, I figured me taking on one of her assignments would slightly lighten the load.

So here goes...

I have a CPR test tomorrow. That I found out about today, but I guess that is what you get when you don't attend class for a week straight. I mean, it is only two classes, but that is almost 3 hours of life I slept through. Yes, slept through. I have been growing increasingly tired these past weeks and blame it on nothing but stress. I have all the typical symptoms of stress and let me tell you I am NOT a fan. Weight gain, dark-circled eyes, irritability, and practically insomnia (until the sun comes up that is...) It seems that my body does not enjoy sleeping until the sun comes up. And for someone with an extra heavy course load, two jobs, and a career search going on... I can not afford to sleep through my days. Am I worried? Yes. And I even almost feel bad for the people that have to put up with me while I go through my days tired, irritable, and basically cranky as hell. One person who I should be extremely thankful to is Amie. (Oh how appropriate for this upcoming holiday)... She sleeps through the schooldays with me. WHAT A GOOD FRIEND. It is a shame though that in these last crucial weeks of school we can not get our acts together and make it to class... me.. a CPR class (I'm sleeping through life-saving techniques), and Ams... missing out on swimming.. which isn't exactly a read-on lesson plan. Oh well... at least we are failing classes via absenteeism together AND in style. We both rock the face masks at night. HOLLERRR.

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