Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I'm very excited about the way my Fantasy Skating Series is going on usfsa.org, My picks for the grand prix events by the International Skating Union, are doing very well. Unfortunately some of my top picks for the men and women have been rocky- I blame the poor performances on the added pressure of the olympic season and the federations the skaters belong to. Mao Asada, Laura Lepisto, Rachel Flatt, Yu-na Kim have been feeling the pressure throughout, but I hope they can salvage the season up beyond expectations because they deserve to be at the top. My friend Matt and I discussed our picks for the US team today, and we've realized its anyones game> Ashley Wagner has been thriving this season due to her lack of pressure, given she has never won a national title and placed off the podium this year. She will most likely go to the Grand Prix final and do well, and we haven't had a lady finish in the top three since Michelle Kwan. Keep your fingers crossed for Ashley Wagner!

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