Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lens > Woman

Why a Lens Is Better Than Women:

You can enjoy a lens all month long
You don't have to wine and dine a lens
A lens doesn't bleed
Your lens will always wait patiently for you in the car while you play baseball
When you get tired of your lens you can sell it so you can buy a new lens
A lens will take off its pouch without a fight
A lens is never late
A lens doesn't get jealous when you mount another lens
A lens never gets a headache
A lens won't get upset if you come home with another lens
You can share your lens with your friends
You always know you're the first one to mount the lens
A lens won't make you go dancing
A lens doesn't care if you keep a bunch of other lenses around the house
A lens won't complain about leaving the toilet seat up
A lens doesn’t whine
A lens won't smoke in your car.
A lens won't make you pick up some tampons when you go to the grocery store
A lens won't get mad at you for reading Playboy
When you go to a camera store, you know you can always pick up a lens
A lens won't get upset if you come home with beer on your breath
You can mount more than one lens a night and not feel guilty
A lens looks the same in the morning
You can't catch anything from a lens
A lens doesn't care if you have no culture or manners.
A lens doesn't bitch, yell, or cry
A lens will never ask if the pants make it look fat

- Kenneth

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