Saturday, November 14, 2009

RA Conference

Today I spent 9-5 at the SAC for RA Conference. H Quad was assigned to be RA delegates for the schools of St. Johns and Adelphi. RA Conference is when RA from other universitys in the area and out of state come to our univeristy for a retreat and we learn from each other and through other workshops on how to become a better and more effective leader in our community and immediate community in residential life. At first, I had a negative outlook at the conference..lack and sleep and having a drunk friend harrass your door all night did not produce a happy Amie in the morning...i was so grumpyy..but then again I am not a morning person..but once all the festivities started and I was with my ended up being a lot of fun and promoted a lot of differnet ideas that we as individuals and as a staff should also reinforced some ideas and ethics that our staff was already was a great environment to meet RAs from other universities and building a stronger and better community within ourselvess

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