Thursday, November 12, 2009

Swine Flu

So never would I think that I would have swine flu.. but here I am with it, and this is the first day back of me being totally concious of my surroundings.. or partially.. I'm still pretty out of it because of all the medications and stuff.. but it's not fun.. I'm still not allowed back at school and I'm not allowed out of my house.. although yesterday I did need to make an emergency run to CVS to get a box of extra soft tissues since my nose has been rubbed red with all the crappy quality tissues.. So I went to CVS and I get up to the counter and the guy like grabbed my hand while trying to get my money.. his own fault really.. I looked like a total zombie.. if anyone ever came into a place I worked at and looked like that I'd be running for the hills and not lookin back.. I hope he doesn't get it though its really terrible.. and now I have to go get up and let my stupid dog in from outside adios!

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