Monday, November 23, 2009

Moliere's Tartuffe.....

So i just sat and read Moliere's comical play "Tartuffe"... I read for 3 straight hours! That is pretty impressive for me because I get easily distracted while reading especially in my room with the TV and a lot of shows airing on the prime time slots. Anyway this play was just so interesting and I got really into it that I just zoomed by every act and scene.

The play is about a royal family. The father takes in a nobody, Tartuffe, to marry his daughter against her wishes. Tartuffe in the ends turns against the family but the father is completely blinded from it.. It takes the whole family including the maids to prove this stranger's villain side... finally after a seductive act the wife puts on while her husband was hiding in the room, he sees Tartuffe's true colors. However it is too late to banish him from the house and family's estate because the father had already treated him like a son and wrote everything in his possession to Tartuffe! Therefore the house and everything in it now belongs to Tartuffe, who had planned all of this. In the end the officers go to take the royal family away.. but aPrince in the area saw the issue as the father being very big hearted and Tartuffe being a trickery ungrateful man, and banished Tartuffe instead!

ACT 2 was really good. When the father ordered the daughter to marry Tartuffe agianst her will. and she did not say anything; standing up for herself, because her father is higher in authority, even though she was unhappy.. therefore her maid took charge and spoke up for her. The maid got into trouble but at least the father heard her side.
Later the daughter's boyfriend comes and they go back and forth on what to do with their relationship. it was very cute.

The play was very poetic... all the words rhymed. and so when it came to act 2 it was so sweet!

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