Friday, November 13, 2009

waiting for dinner

tonight my roommates and I are having dinner with an old friend from freshman year. The three of us girls lived together in a triple and he lived across the hall. The four of us did everything together. We were like a family. Then he decided to transfer to a city school closer to home and change majors. So we literally have not seen him in 3 years! We kind of lost touch. Now we all have moved on with our lives and he seems more mature and has a girlfriend. I am in my room waiting for him to drive up here to take us out to dinner to catch up on everything and reminisce about the good old days.! too bad this weather stinks, but he will end up brightening the day... haha
We are going to go to salsa salsa in port jeff....
but looking at the clock with my jacket on and everything...ive been waiting since 530 when he said he would be here.. but he called he needed to get gas...and now it is 615...he should be here any minuter now. But when you stare at the clock it always seems longer.... like staring at water watching it boil..

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