Monday, November 9, 2009

is the internet making us more transparent?

I just had an interview on Friday and I had a party last weekend....that means tons of pictures on facebook, not that they are inappropriate but some might take them the wrong way. Anyway, my facebook acct has been on private setting. However you can still see my picture if you do a search for me. I was trying to change the setting to make my picture invisible if you are not my friend on facebook.

I am scared that the companies i have been on interviews with can see my pictures and any information I do not want them to know.

With the internet, like i learned in class today, started as a connection device to share information and store backup data from across the country in 1969? now is worldwide and you can search for anything. We post everything and anything up on the internet because we can. Facebook has subjects for everything, your name, hometown, birthday, sex, pictures... I just feel that we are making ourselves very transparent because we are not hiding any information.

So I hope I clicked the right button under privacy so they do not see anything that can hurt my chances at getting the position!

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